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Yarmouk Camp for Palestinians in Damascus Suffering

Hamas Biting the Syrian Hand

Palestinians in Syria have always enjoyed full rights just like the Syrian citizens while maintaining their Palestinian citizenship to retain their right to return to their own land Palestine after its liberation from the Zionist occupation, until the NATO-Wahhabi backed ‘revolution’ turned their lives upside down, just like their Syrian counterparts.

Palestinians in Syria had to share the suffering the Syrian people suffered at the hands of few brainwashed Syrians and many non-Syrian Wahhabi terrorists, and the Palestinians had to suffer at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas and its affiliates, that’s what happened when the chief of Hamas politburo moved from Damascus to Doha in Qatar and revealed the real face of its rotten political members in control of the Islamist group that changed its goal from liberating Palestine to protecting Israel.

Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian Refugees in Damascus, Syria
Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian Refugees in Damascus, Syria

Since August 2013, hundreds of terrorists fleeing the Syrian Arab Army’s operations in Ghouta and other Damascus countryside operations joined their affiliates in Hamas in the Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees south of the Syrian capital. Yarmouk Camp is anything but a refugee camp as people might think, it was one of the most vibrant commercial and residential hubs just 3 years ago before NATO’s democracy hit Syria. It was the house of 180,000 Palestinians and tens of thousands of Syrians.

The majority of the residents managed to flee the Camp as the terrorists entered while 20,000 were stuck inside and were prevented from leaving by the western backed Al Qaeda FSA and other anti-Islam groups taking them as human shields. Since then all attempts to lift the siege off the Camp from inside failed and all attempts to enter food and medicine to the besieged were shot at by the heavily armed terrorists inside.

Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian Armed Forces with the help of the rest of the Palestinian factions active in the Camp have managed to seal the exits of the Camp to prevent the terrorists from threatening the heart of the Syrian capital and neighboring districts opening a corridor to civilians trying to leave the Camp in vain.

On Saturday, January 18, 2013, the first batch of humanitarian aid was delivered to the besieged Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees with the help of the UNRWA, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and the popular Palestinian committees in the Camp after the situation reaching a severity of up to 5 civilians dying of starvation each single day (watch on YouTube).

Hamas showed their real face of the Muslim Brotherhood group they are at the very first opportunity they had in Syria and so in Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood is an anti-Islamic anti-Arabism organization and those are the cores of what Syria stands for. 3 terrorist factions inside the Camp loyal to Hamas with the help of other Al Qaeda FSA groups refuse to leave the Camp and insist on inflicting more suffering on the besieged, the people once uprooted from their own land by foreign Zionist settlers and uprooted again at the hands of their brethren, sad to say.

For a deep insight on the situation in the Yarmouk Camp we suggest you watch this TV interview with Mr. Ahmad Majdalani of the PLO’s Executive Committee who is a member of the delegation coordinating the relief campaign. The 3 factions affiliated with Hamas inside the Yarmouk Camp are: Aknaf Beit Al Maqdess Brigade (Jerusalem Surrounding Brigade), The Treaty of Omar Brigade (Omar Ibn Al Khattab the second Caliph in Islam has written a treaty to protect the non Muslims in Jerusalem), and members of the Hamas military wing some of whom were killed by the SAA in confrontations in different areas of Syria (watch on YouTube).

We Syrians will stand with any oppressed until they are free, we will support them and host their weak, our country was the second ranking in the world in the number of refugees it hosted and most of them were from Iraq then from Palestine after the US led invasion of Iraq and US sponsored occupation of Palestine, and now our Syria have turned into the largest exporting refugees country in the world, no thanks to the US led efforts in ‘democratizing’ our country into Qandahar or Wahhabism style.

Hamas Biting the Syrian Hand
Hamas Biting the Syrian Hand


  1. Hamossad

    Let’s make it clear Hamas is Mossad’s con job. Syrian government has made a serious mistake by allaying itself with this pure terrorist organization which is nothing else than Palestinian crime syndicate. They have never represented interests of Palestinians and they will never do. The only interest they promote is the one of their masters Vatican-USA-Israel of which Vatican is the most elusive one. Not many people realize that Israeli cabinet ministers spend more time visiting Vatican then any other state. The state of Israel has sold secretly the city of Jerusalem to Vatican.

    Here is an excerpt from Friday, February 01, 2013

    Israel seems to have sold Jerusalem to the Vatican.
    An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried.

    Syrian government has made another mistakes by asking for assistance from Vatican in the peace process in which Bashar Assad called new pope “Holy Father” expressing his readiness to submit to his authority.

    Nothing good has come from Vatican to Syrian people in the past and nothing good will come in the future. All roads lead to Rome. Those who forget the history are doomed to repeat it. To mistake your enemies for friends is fatal!


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