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Syria: al-Zara Liberated

al-Zara town liberated by SAA & NDF in Homs western countryside

The strategic al-Zara town is liberated. The shock-waves that will follow will be huge, not to the level of liberating Qussayr, but to a very large extent. al-Zara is a very important town supporting terrorists fortifying in al-Hosn Castle (Krak des Chevaliers), and threatening the main Homs – Tartous highway.

Syrian Arab Army forces SAA, in cooperation with the local National Defense Forces, NDF, managed to storm the town from several axes after early morning fierce clashes, and reached the heart of the town swiftly eliminating all terrorists remnants.

al-Zara town liberated by SAA & NDF in Homs western countryside
al-Zara town liberated by SAA & NDF in Homs western countryside

Terrorists from Nusra Front & Jund ul-Cham were the main forces in the town and most fled to al-Hosn Castle. The two groups fighting the Syrian Arab Army and slaughtering the Syrian people are affiliated with Al-Qaeda publicly, one of them at least is listed on the US list of terrorist organizations (Nusra Front) but still receive all types of aid, weapons, finance, food and logistics from the US & its regional allies..!

By restoring al-Zara and cornering the terrorists in the historical citadel, the SAA has cut the main supply routes for the terrorists from infested with anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists Lebanon.

Our observation of the SAA movements indicate the Army will starve the terrorists in the citadel to surrender avoiding to attack it to maintain its structure but we’re not much sure about the reactions of the Obama regime backed suicide bombers inside it.

The following report by Lebanese TV station al-Manar with English subtitles tells more, the station is also banned like all the Syrian based media by the ‘free speech promoters’ hypocrites in the west, namely the USA & European Union:

News from the Syrian battlefields between the Syrian people and their armed forces on one side and the terrorists from Al-Qaeda groups and all its different names on the other side are causing panic in the anti-Syrian camp, led internationally by the United States regime of Barack Obama, and his minions in the region mainly the Al Saud of Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood AKP ruling party of Turkey. Wait and see.

Krak des Chevaliers now occupied by US backed al-Qaeda terrorist groups
Krak des Chevaliers now occupied by US backed al-Qaeda terrorist groups

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  1. James Bowden

    Please remember that only the administration is doing the backing. The majority of the American people do not want any weapons, money, or training going to terrorists of any stripe and for any reason. Many people here in the US want the funding to end and want the government to be completely neutral in the conflict but is hard to get our government to listen to us almost as much as it is for other people to get their governments to listen. So, please make a distinction between the government and the American people in the future.

    • Al Bachiri

      Americans are all innfavor of the destabilization of Syria. Americans are the one causing misery and wars all over the world. Do the Irakis and the Lybians enjoying democracy? You are lost!!!

      • Historian James Bowden

        Dear Mr. Bachiri,

        I hope that you will sincerely read my message fully and know where I am coming from. I am a historian, a published author, and someone who spends time not in ivory towers but with many ordinary people. I am writing a history of the conflict in your country, I have tuned into the news to listen to what happens over there, and I am daily writing down a lot of information from both personal comments, such as here, as well as what is reported through many different sources. again, from sources such as this site because I care. Honestly, I am probably the only American I know who actually gives any thought to Syria or cares what is happening in your country and that is just the truth. I have not taken a side because I remain as neutral as possible but I will say that I hope Syria is able to emerge from this crisis as soon as possible and people can be in their homes and live free lives. No one wants what is happening to you to happen to you, no one.
        But you should also know that the average American could not careless about Syria, nor even probably pick it out on a map and tell me at least one important fact about it. No one cares what is happening around the world, our country and its problems are occupying our thoughts to a far greater extent than any other hotspot, rightly or wrongly. But I can say that, of those that know and care about your country do so because we hope that the right side, the non-terrorists will win and that the terrorists will lose. But again, the vast majority of American’s are not capable of caring and are certainly not actively campaigning for Syria’s destruction or demise, we want peace. I am sorry for the loss of your historical and cultural heritage and you can search under James Bowden and you will find my posting on it, indeed here is a link Watch it and then you will see that your anger is very misdirected. Thank you.

        • TheWisendorf

          Well,You are wrong when you say you are the only American thats is watching or care what goes on in Syria..Many Americans care..And we are not in agreement with blocking the free speech of other countries..I don,t care if what they say is a Lie or not..I want to hear it…This is a dangerous road to be on when what the other side has to say is being blacked out like this..Soon you will only know what one side wants you to know..I predict The syrian people are in for real trouble in the future,,If for no reason other than to rub this in Putin’s face .After being ousted from most of Ukraine .If you have corruption in your country it should be up to the people in your country to fight and prevail,if it important to you.In American we do not have civil war right now.But our rights are being trampled upon .Same as yours..Many of the American People are asking ourselves,,Why is our government backing this group,when a couple years back they were on our most wanted terrorist list..

  2. moumou

    Good going Syrian Army. Almighty gives the hardest battle to his strongest soldiers.
    Hope this year brings new ray of sunshine for Syria… praying from heart.

  3. Bleipriester

    Discussions with Americans knowing their gov´t is doing wrong regularly end up with self-deception. Once they are aware of those “rebels” being cruel terrorists they make the brave Syrians who fight against that scum also terrorists declaring they don´t mind if terrorists are killing each other and their government isn´t involved.
    One example, feel free to join the discussions:


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