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Assad Expresses Solidarity with Putin Efforts to Restore Security in Ukraine

Syrian President Bashar Assad with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad voiced solidarity with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin’s efforts to restore security and stability in Ukraine.

In a cable sent to the Russian leader, Assad said expressed “on his behalf and on behalf of the Syrian people Damascus’ solidarity with President Putin’s efforts to restore security and stability to the friendly country of Ukraine in face of the coup attempts against legitimacy and democracy, in favor of the terrorist extremists,” official news agency, SANA, reported.

The Syrian leader also praised Putin’s “wise policy and commitment to the international legitimacy and legal rules that govern relations among countries and peoples.”

“President Assad stressed that President Putin’s policy which is based on the international legitimacy and the objectives of the UN remains the guarantee for all world peoples to create a balanced and transparent world based on respecting the sovereignty of countries and the right of peoples to decide their destiny,” the cable said.

“President al-Assad reiterated Syria’s support to President Putin’s rational approach which favors peace and seeks to establish a global system that supports stability and combats extremism and terrorism, expressing confidence in President Putin’s capability to contribute to restoring legitimacy and calm to Ukraine and to help the Ukrainian people end extremism and terrorism in their country,” the cable added, according to SANA.

Earlier, President Putin stressed at a press conference that what happened in Ukraine violates the constitution and it is a coup and seizure of power by the forces of arms, considering the current Ukrainian authorities illegitimate.

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