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Erdogan Lied about Destroying Eight SAA Pantsyr Units – Russian MoD

Russian Pantsyr Air Defense unit - Syria Idlib - Turkey

Russian Ministry of Defense did sugarcoat their words when describing the statements of the Turkish madman Erdogan bragging how his Israeli-supervised drones destroyed eight Syrian Pantsyr air defense systems.

I read the Russian Ministry of Defense statement more than once and I can only see it saying: ‘Erdogan lied, at least exaggerated, big time’. The following is the relevant quote from the Russian MoD conveyed by the Russian TASS news agency:

“Reports submitted to Turkey’s head of state about the combat efficiency of the use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles in the Idlib governorate, which allegedly destroyed eight Syrian Pantsyr air defense missile/gun systems, have nothing to do with the real state of things and are nothing but an exaggeration.”

Russian Ministry of Defense

Unlike the Russian MoD we have no need to sugarcoat our statements for any diplomatic or political reason. The Russian MoD went to the extent of giving him a benefit of the doubt that his military commanders were disinforming him, highly unlikely, Erdogan is the regional master of disinformation himself.

The Russian MoD statement did add this:

“As a result of mass attack by Turkish combat unmanned aerial vehicles, two Syrian Pantsyr air defense missile/gun systems were damaged,” and “they will be repaired soon.”

Even Israel can destroy Pantsyr systems when overwhelming them, that’s when they fire a number of missiles more than the number of air defense missiles each Pantsyr battery has at a given time, and that’s how we hear the SAA statements that ‘most of the incoming missiles were destroyed, but one or two reached their targets.’


On the events leading to the 27th of February, Turkish-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists failed to invade the city of Saraqib, the Turkish madman Erdogan sent thousands of Turkish Army personnel as human shields to stand in front of al-Qaeda, he was hoping the SAA will stop the battle when they see NATO forces opposite to them.

The incompetent Turkish military forgot to inform the Russian Center in Hmeimim about the presence of their troops, and the SAA had no idea about the newly embedded Turkish Army personnel within the ranks of al-Qaeda terrorists and a blessed SAA shell wiped out 109 Turkish Army soldiers (22, 38, 64… depending on the sources). As simple as that.

The SAA doesn’t usually attack the Turkish Army, they know very well these hapless young men are sent by their Satan in chief as cannon fodders, so the SAA would usually encircle those troops and continue their advance chasing al-Qaeda terrorists to the extent that 10 of such Turkish posts are encircled and ‘protected’ by the SAA already out of the 12 posts the Turks are allowed to establish to help disarm al-Qaeda from their heavy weaponry as per the former Sochi agreement with Russia and Iran. Erdogan established so far over 40 of such posts with Turkish Army personnel in them along the route of the advancing SAA hoping that will save the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi terrorists Erdogan brought from all sides of the world to use them in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Qatar, Sudan, and wherever there are Muslim Brotherhood criminals who need protection.

Upon wiping out that large number of Turkish Army personnel by the SAA, the Turkish madman started begging Mr. Putin to save his face and the latter in an unusual step asked the Russian military to allow a calculated retaliatory attack by the Turkish Army to ease the pressure off the Turkish madman Erdogan in his country after the news of dozens of the Turkish Army soldiers were killed was spreading fast. The same incompetent Turkish Army, intentionally or not, failed to inform the Russian military in Syria where they will be bombing so the SAA would be informed and empty a site where the Turks can brag about retaliating, a known show usually in such events between militaries, the Turks instead started bombing SAA posts with members of Hezb Allah and Iranian personnel with them in it.

The SAA and their allies were surprised the air defense systems were not operational as they should be, the Iranian IRGC forces contacted the Turkish Army several times telling them there are IRGC officers and personnel in the posts targeted by Erdogan’s army, but in vain, which led to the killing of over two dozens of SAA, IRGC, and Hezb Allah fighters in that heinous cheap shot by the Turkish army.

As a result, the IRGC issued a chilling statement warning the Turkish Army of any further stupidity, reminding them and the Turkish people of the hundreds of the Turkish troops in the posts surrounded by the SAA and its allies and they’re ‘in the crosshair of our guns but we never attacked them, yet’, the SAA, IRGC, and Hezb Allah decided to bring in their own air defense as an additional layer in case Mr. Putin decides to give Erdogan another chance, and more determination to clean the entirety of Idlib at all costs from al-Qaeda and from Turkish army soldiers was reached.

Erdogan went on his usual barking campaign: at home and in front of his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood electoral base he started bragging that his army ‘neutralized’ thousands of the SAA, destroyed 8 Russian formidable Pantsyr air defense systems, talking about the non-existing superiority of the Turkish Army, and vowing to destroy all of Syria and remove President Assad, only if Mr. Putin will loosen the leash around Erdogan’s neck.

In front of his own country’s opposition, ever-growing, he was barking with accusations of treason and betrayals for their army when the opposition parties were rightfully asking him why the Turkish Army is in Idlib in the first place and why they’re among the ranks of al-Qaeda, but they’re addressing a one-way mouthpiece.

In front of his NATO buddies who let him down, as usual, he was barking with a mixture of playing the victim and begging for their help against the Syrian Arab Army inside Syrian Idlib.

And in front of Mr. Putin, he was sorry, humble, he didn’t want all this to happen, only if he could meet Mr. Putin in person and explain to him how he is being the center of a plot to demonize and remove him from power. That worked out in the first time Mr. Putin saved Erdogan from the military coup in 2016. We are still not sure to what extent it has worked for him this time after the 3 hours one on one meeting with Mr. Putin last Thursday.

Back to the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, it is obvious there’s a wide distrust between the Turkish Army and the Russian Army already. It’s not the first time the Russian Military calls Erdogan and his army liars, in sugarcoated words, but what is clear is there will be no more favors, unless Mr. Putin wants to lose the only reliable ally his country has in the whole world, and that is Syria.

It seems so far that Mr. Putin though he saved Erdogan he didn’t give him any of his demands except delaying the inevitable cleaning of the entirety of Idlib province. The only benefits of Erdogan’s begging Mr. Putin was allowing Turkish supplies to the encircled Turkish military posts in Idlib escorted by Russian Military Police, and to keep some presence in the west of Idlib, especially north of the M4 artery.

The Syrian leadership is waiting for the first misstep by the Turkish Army to resume cleaning the province and liberating the up to 3 million Syrians living there from the rule of al-Qaeda and the neo Ottomans.

The next time you hear a statement by Erdogan, try to get a calculator and use the divide button when he brags about his achievements, divide by 35, and multiply the losses he talks about, again by 35, at least.

Erdogan and Jolani
Turkish Erdogan and his loyal militiaman Jolani head of HTS (al-Qaeda Levant)

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