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Free Wrestling in Turkish Parliament over Erdogan’s Idlib Intervention

Turkish Parliament MPs fight over Erdogan intervention in Idlib

A freestyle wrestling broke out in the Turkish Parliament between patriot Turkish MPs and MP supporters of Erdogan from his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood AK Party over Erdogan’s military intervention in Idlib.

The fight broke out after Erdogan’s speech trying to justify his illegal intervention in Syria, especially in Idlib, after bodies of Turkish soldiers started pouring back to Turkey, before that they were opposing but very shy.

An opposition MP from the CHP party lashed out at Erdogan for the ongoing war in Idlib, Turkish activist Ali Ornek quoted dokuz8HABER tweet.

Using auto-translate this is what we got:

In the General Assembly of the Assembly, there was a fistfight between AKP and CHP deputies. After the fight that started during the speech of CHP Group Vice President Engin Özkoç, the session was interrupted for 10 minutes.

The video is also available on BitChute.

Erodgan’s propagandists try their best to claim there’s a unity of all Turks behind the Turkish madman and his criminal intervention and sponsoring of terrorists in Syria, and in Libya and elsewhere.

Over his very lengthy iron fist rule of Turkey, the pariah turned the country to the largest prison in the world for journalists and opposition figures, but the west insists on democratizing Syria, instead, using terrorist groups to do so…!

The Turkish madman’s propagandists also work their best on magnifying the losses among the Syrian Arab Army by factors of 10 to 30 folds at times, they minimize the Turkish losses by a similar factor.

There are losses among the Syrian Arab Army, those are martyrs and injured heroes defending their country, while, as the Turkish opposition MPs were asking why their soldiers are killed in Syria?

The Turkish war ministry reported that 2 Turkish soldiers killed during the operation in Idlib and 6 others injured, Turkey’s ally in the British MI6 reported double that number, while local sources confirmed over 150 soldiers killed and the sources were unable to distinguish who of them were Turkish Army and who were al-Qaeda, even the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that ‘the terrorists barricades in Idlib has merged with the Turkish Army observation posts.’

Erdogan will meet the Russian President Putin tomorrow to discuss his failure in separating the radical head-choppers of al-Qaeda terrorists from the terrorists who prefer other ways for their crimes, as per Sochi agreement. In addition to disarming al-Qaeda from heavy weapons, which instead Erdogan has provided them with modern armored vehicles and air-defense Manpad missile launchers.

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  1. Miri

    Madman Erdogan already crushing ‘dissent’ in parliament: “According to reports Ankara Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation against Engin Özkoç for ‘insulting the President.'”


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