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Breaking: Terrorists Attempt Chemical Attack in Idlib

Breaking news from Russian Ministry of Defense: A 15-member terrorist group tried to explode ammunition containing chemical substances in vicinity of Saraqib in Idlib countryside.

Yesterday, Syria News wrote that “The possibility of another chemical hoax continues to loom.”

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab visited Turkey to voice support of Erdogan’s war crimes against Syria; Ambassador Kelly Craft again breached the UN Charter in her support of these same anti-Syria war crimes.

Details to follow.


“Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday that Turkish regime-backed terrorist groups tried to detonate ammunition contain chemical materials near Saraqeb city in Idleb countryside in an attempt to hinder the advance of the Syrian Arab army and to accuse it later of using the chemical weapons.

“The Russian Coordination Center said in a statement that a 15-member terrorist group tried in March /2/ to explode explosive devices near containers that filled with chemical substances with the aim at hindering the advance of the Syrian Arab Army in the western neighborhoods of Saraqeb city and to accuse later the Syrian Army of using chemical weapons.

“The statement pointed out that terrorists failed to tighten the closure of one of the containers which caused the leakage of chemical materials and they have been exposed to severe chemical poisoning and they failed to explode the explosive devices and to carry out their provocative operation.

“It affirmed that the Ministry possesses “irrefutable evidence” that prove the reality that this chemical accident had took place, asserting that the Ministry intends to publish those evidence soon.

“The Russian Defense Ministry has stressed repeatedly the existence of laboratories to prepare chemical substances for Turkish regime-backed terrorist organizations in Idleb, asserting that those labs were managed by specialists who received training in Europe and those weapons will be used to carry out fabricated chemical attacks against the civilians to accuse the Syrian State.”

The timing of the planned chemical atrocity conveniently coincided with the American ‘diplomats’ breaching the UN Charter.

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From 2 February:

The al Nusra White Helmets have finished a new chemical hoax video so that Trump will bomb Syria for alQaeda, again.

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