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Aleppo Success: Obama Accelerates War Crimes in Syria

At this time, the Syrian Arab Army is advancing in Aleppo, liberating its eastern neighborhoods, one part after another, for reunification of the city.  This military campaign has been a great blow to all those who have bet on the fall of Aleppo, or at least hoped to separate one of the oldest Syrian cities into two parts — with one under the full control/occupation of the Turkish and other western proxies, the so called ‘moderate rebels.’  NATO and criminal associates wanted to keep the eastern regions as a base of terrorists, doing all possible horrors to serve the western agenda in dividing and weakening Syria.

Syrian soldier in front of his home after SAA liberated this neighborhood from takfiri

Aleppo now is almost completely liberated, reunified by the arms of our real men, the  Syrian Arab Army, which has followed a great strategic plan to liberate our Syrian city, by identification of grid squares and triangulation of terrorists, under air cover support of the Russian ally.

Western weapons cache found in “moderate rebels” underground facility

Thus many terrorists surrendered to the Syrian Arab Army, who seized the field hospital in the Old City of Aleppo.  It was filled with medical supplies to treat Jabhat al Nusra Front fighters, with medicines worth about five million USD, and were made in the US.  Moreover, weapons stores were found in underground tunnels, filled with bombs, including of Grad missiles made in Bulgaria .  On 27 September, the FSA uploaded a video that shows them firing new Grad missiles on Syrian soldiers in al Hadarat.   The US pretended to send weapons to the so called moderate rebels, however they are al Nusra Front (JaN and FSA are two branches of the same terrorist tree) who used them to bomb an Aleppo primary school.  This was not long after other school children were attacked by snipers, on their walks home from school.

Coward terrorists hide their faces as they turn in weapons to Syrian Arab Army office in liberated neighborhood of Aleppo

Does the US tolerate other countries sending military weapons to terrorists in America?

Kids playing in what is left of a playground, in a liberated Aleppo neighborhood
These sad girls have their childhood stolen in terrorist occupied Kafreyah

The ongoing victory of the Syrian Arab Army, in Aleppo the big hit against the US and its allies; their tools in Syria,  whatever their names were, pushed the war criminal US led coalition to bomb a residential neighborhood in Raqqa, which killed many civilians, again avoid bombing “ISIS”  sites and put its anger on Syrian civilians again.  In October 2015, our Ambassador Ja’afari explained to American media that Raqqa is a city of 800,000 under hostage by 3,000 terrorists and so our air force is careful in bombing the city. On 17 September, the US bombed a position of the Syrian Arab Army, in a massacre of more than 80 of our soldiers.

Orders also were sent to “ISIS” in Alsha’er gas field in Homs, to commit genocide against Syrian soldiers there. Two days ago those terrorists attacked this site, and a new front again opened there, all that by US to sabotage the Syrian Arab Army, to open more war fronts, and to stop the Syrian Arab Army great advances in Aleppo, which is almost accomplished , especially after reject the UN resolution about cease-fire, which is nothing but a humanitarian cover, to help the defeated terrorists and to supply them by more weapons.

Syrian soldier defending his country in Alsha’er Homs

Palmyra front was also in the mind of those terrorists mind, who attacked wheat silos there.  But our army again, took its sites back there.  UN and US and EU media are silent when their terrorists destroy our food reserves.

With all these incidents, the world is silent as an monster accomplice, with those who murdered kids in Kafreyh and Fo’ah, countryside in Idlib, under terrorists control.  These killers are lead by Saudi Wahhabi terrorist al Mohaysini, another illegal foreign invader of our country.

Saudi terrorist Muhaysini, shown with his child soldier trainees, calls himself an ‘immigrant’ in Syria

The final victory of Aleppo, the reunification of this city will put end to all this, and will put more power in the hands of the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian homeland protectors who are dedicated to liberation of all of our country from the foreign paid and armed terrorists.

Afraa Dagher

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