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Pay Assad for Rescuing Western Assets – The Vile EU-Plan

by Stefan Heuer

Take a secure seat, arrange yourself to sit comfortably. Now take a deep breath and keep it.  You have to be strong for what is about to follow. Are you in full control of your nerves?

Well, then, read this:

“The EU is offering financial support for a Syria still ruled by President Assad in a last-ditch effort to retain western influence on the outcome of the war […].”

Got it? No? Then do return to “Start” and read it again:  The EU is offering money to a Syria under the “bloody dictator” who is allegedly “killing his people”. The EU that has had its Stalingrad in Aleppo, wants to pay President Assad for staying in power and rebuilding Syria – if…

Yes, “if” – and here comes the condition: Dr. Assad has to accept (and grant) that parts of Syria shall stay under the rule of the very terrorist scum which the EU has shipped into Syria from all dark, stinky rat holes of this planet, armed, trained, guided, funded, supported and ridiculously labelled them as “moderate Syrian rebels” and “freedom fighters.”

In a blatant attempt to buy out the leader of a sovereign nation, the highly corrupt and terroristic EU is aiming to “retain western influence on the outcome of the war.” How very desperate these masters of terrorism and proxy wars
must be!

This could be the biggest, most nasty attempt to bribe, of the century.

Where have all the nice, shiny “values” vanished, which the EU always claims to stand for (and which she brutally imposes on sovereign nations by illegal wars)?

Of course, this ‘plan’, presented to a more ignorant than stunned public by the EU-representative for Foreign Affairs, the Italian Frederica Mogherini, is really a vile, demonic plan for the partition of Syria. How else than by cutting Syria into pieces, should this deal work, even if we – hypothetically! – assume that President Assad would agree?

American FBI put Italy on ‘high terror alert’ November 2015

And here we are: coming back to the original plan of the US- and EU-imperialists to reshape the Levant, by wars and “color-revolutions” toppling legitimate governments and tearing sovereign nations apart, creating failed states and entities unable to establish and secure stability and prosperity but being deeply dependent on foreign funds and, thus, be ruled by western proxies.

This was written down long years ago and long time before the Soros-funded ‘color-revolutions’ and the CIA-run “Arab Spring” were fabricated. In fact, all these regime-change activities had been thoroughly planned in nasty aims, following the concepts of racist zionist mass murderers (ideological heir of the British Empire’s colonialism) and their willing cohort wahhabis, the brain dead zombies of the neocons and Christian Zionists within the US political theatre. The EU did and still does follow this line of bloodshed and plunder, toughly ignoring the fact that the Maghreb as well as the Levant is at her doorstep, not at the doorstep of the USA (who always can retreat and hide behind the ocean, as the wise Tariq Aziz once stated to the the German journalist Peter Scholl-Latour only days before the “shock and awe” was brought upon the people of Iraq).

If you still believe the msm tales of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ being achieved all over the place by encouraged young people using Facebook and Twitter to gather and share info, and, by this, toppling established regimes such of Mubarak in Egypt or Ben Ali in Tunisia, you are duller than dishwater.  But even if we, hypothetically, take the story as true, then in Libya, with all the nice guys of the ‘opposition’, with all the appropriate weapons for a neat ‘civil war’, suddenly appearing out of nowhere, driving around with their Toyotas in the desert, being filmed by embedded presstitutes of BBC, CNN and others, the well-polished story received some scratches: How come that in a so-called ‘dictatorship’ with an alleged totalitarian police and surveillance in full control, all the boys came out of the desert, having masses of weapons and pick-up trucks armed with heavy machine guns and anti-air guns? How come the EU jumped into the fighter jets and bombed the hell out of Libyan cities, targeting civilians as well as the infrastructure of the state instead of, in fulfillment of the UNSCR resolution, ‘protect’ the population against alleged ‘regime airstrikes’ (which never happened)?

Finally, the poor logic of the ‘colour revolution’-story ends in Syria.

Syria is the place where the western propaganda-saga of a ‘civil unrest’ came down. First, all the Iraqi- and Libyan-style hysterical allegations were copy-pasted on Syria: A civil unrest, and a bloody dictator who genocides his people.

But Syria refused to play that game, refused to allow NATO and its insurgents to bring her down.

With a people and a government standing united against a blatant foreign aggression, Syria destroyed the western saga of a ‘Syrian revolution’ – which in fact was performed by non-Syrian mercenaries shipped to Syria from all over the world to start a war, kill civilians and destroy the nation, generously funded and armed by the EU and US on the expense of the western taxpayers. Billions of tax money had to be spent on the war on Syria.

This war has already destroyed a great lot of Syria’s public infrastructure. But the Syrians still resist the terror. The vast majority of Syrians did not flee to foreign shores (more than 8 million Syrians are Internally Displaced Persons, forced into refugee status in their own country, fleeing terrorists to the safety of non-terrorist occupied Syria), telling the media the lies about the ‘dictator’ for welfare-cookies, but decided to stay in Syria and put themselves under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army.

The war and the crippling sanctions of the west has severely harmed the Syrian economy and massively devalued the Syrian Lira. But still, the Syrian government is capable to pay the pensions and fulfill its obligations to social welfare programs which, in fact, are expanding in order to help the poor facing the terrible impact of this war. In this 6th year of the foreign imposed war, Syria stands undefeated, with the Syrian Arab Army on the road to victory in Aleppo and elsewhere, with the western proxies of al-Qaeda on the run and with the US-created ‘ISIS’ at the brink of total extermination by the engagement of the Russian and Syrian forces together with the allied Hezbollah.

With the Syrian Arab Army on the way to victory and the mass murdering “rebels” on the run, the EU obviously has fallen into panic mode and is now pulling all strings to regain some control. The corrupt sociopaths in Brussels are unable to understand, that their agenda, the agenda of worldwide control, neocolonialism and perpetual wars, is about to be ended – by exactly those nations on the kill-list of the EU and USA: Russia, China, Syria, Iran (and North Korea).

NATO Brussels on lockdown when French national ‘mastermind’ of Paris attacks magically escaped a 3 hr. gun battle with EU counter-terrorism police…to Brussels

The unipolar ideology may still glow and further contaminate the distorted brains of the elite’s puppets, but their agenda is being rejected and attacked by a growing number of nations and peoples – and even by forces of resistance within the societies of the genocidal west (as we can see in Standing Rock, in Greece, Britain, France, Italy and elsewhere).

High terror alert!

The EU has been playing with fire (terrorism as a tool) long enough. The EU has brought terror, death, destruction, pain and despair to Libya, Mali, Syria and other nations. Where she does not bomb and kill by firepower, she plunders with austerity (such like in Greece), with her trade-regulations, with her policy to ruin whole economies in Africa by exporting seeds and grain to African markets and sell these goods under the price rate of the local and regional producers – with the effect that these local farmers lose their income and capability to simply feed their families. If you take away all from a man, this man eventually will turn against you to grab from you what he needs.

The Mediterranean Sea has come out to be a border that can be crossed, with thousands of children, women and men who do not make it and who die on their way from Africa to Europe, from despair to hope. The EU is facing a huge wave of people from the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia who with some right can claim that they are victims of warfare – the warfare with guns as well as the warfare with money, seeds, trade-deals. It is no coincidence that all these “Syrian refugees” have arrived in Europe in 2015, and not in 2005, or 2010 – because there had been no Syrians fleeing from Syria before the EU threw her regime-change-program on this country. President Assad had been president of Syria for 11 years before the war, and no Syrian refugees flooded the world on their search for shelter and bread.

In order to gain her imperialist goals, the EU has created, armed, funded, trained, and supported the most brutal, most savage subhuman monsters mother earth has ever seen in her lifetime. Now, the EU is facing the consequences, of which president Assad had warned her in an interview in Oct. 2011, stating that the western-imposed terrorism will backfire on its creators in their homelands.

How wise this man is! And how dreadfully, arrogantly blindfolded and totally incompetent those ‘democratic leaders’ of Europe are!

October 2011, hundreds of thousands of Syrians showed support of their president, their soldiers, their country.

Now, their corrupted minds tell them to bribe Dr. Assad in order to at least keep the EU-assets of the several terroristic groups with all their fantasy-names and their genocidal approach in Syria. These groups shall rule over parts of Syria currently in their hands, preserving the status-quo.

The offer is poison.  The plan is vile, and arrogant.

There are two possible scenarios, depending on Dr. Assad’s response to the EU-‘offer’ (if he even acknowledges it).

Dr. Assad says yes – well then! EU, USA and the regional terrorists Erdogan and al Saud will then define the regions of interest to be kept by their blood-stained mercenaries, i.e. kept in control of USA and EU. Assad wil be generously allowed to rule over the parts which are now under control of the SAA. Possibly there might be quarrel about some regions of interests. In this case, the EU will claim that,in order to ‘protect’ the Sunnis from the rule of the Alawites (this was the EU’s approach to the so-called ‘civil war’ the EU ignited), there must be more land of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) given to the ‘rebels’. Eventually a Kurdish ‘state’ will be cut off the Syrian soil in the north, meaning payback for the support of the terrorist and separatist Kurds (YPG) in their fight for western values and interests in Syria.

In the end, this scenario will be nothing less than a second “Sykes-Picot,” destroying Syria as a nation and creating puppet states.

In a broader scenario, these puppet entities, founded and directed by the EU and USA on the territory of the SAR, will then pose a constant threat to the part of Syria remaining under the legitimate rule of Assad, the SAR. This ‘core-SAR’ then will face incursions by terrorists and a constant attempt of ‘soft’ regime change by creating NGOs and influencing the political and social climate in Damascus into the direction of ‘reforms’, ‘transition’, ‘transparency’, ‘democracy’, ‘civil rights’, ‘liberty’ and so on, all aiming to undermine the SAR and bring the legitimate president and government and the whole political system down. I remind you that since at least the mid 1990s the German governments are working on overthrowing the legitimate Syrian government, with cozy meetings of ‘opposition figures’ at the Goethe Institute in Damascus, under the disguise of cultural activities debating and organising the regime-change.

A “tip’ put Germany on ‘high terror alert’ December 2015-January 2016
Christmas Eve 2014, Germany was on its ‘highest terror alert in 40 years.’

Dr. Assad says no and the ‘International Community’ (i.e. the terrorist west and its servants) will impose a massive propaganda on Damascus, stating that Assad was the only one standing against peace, and that the efforts to ‘train and support moderate rebels’ have to be massively increased in order to ‘end the war’ which was once made by the very same people who claim they want to end it. Be sure this propaganda is just now being produced by the presstitutes. More weapons will flow into Syria into the hands of ‘moderate rebels’ of ISIS and alQaeda, and the attempts to gain a ‘No-Fly-Zone’ will intensify, ‘accidental’ bombings of SAA and her allies will be performed. Maybe Turkey will stage some false-flag-ops to drag NATO into this war – I mean: officially. Israel might again nuke Damascus [in May 2013, Israel bombed a factory in Damascus countryside, using what some believe to be the mini-nuke.  The bombing was coordinated with terrorists in Syria, as they videoed this bombing, shown here. — Ed.] the German and other European armies will get into Syria. All for ‘ending the war’ – of course.

No Syrian life can be precious and saved when the noble Europeans fight for higher “values”…

Dr. Assad for sure will be the bad guy, in each of these thinkable scenarios (and of course in those unthinkable, too).

In order to keep her greedy hands on Syria, the EU-plan is to keep this nation, that already suffered so very much, in constant tensions and by that gain control and make profit out of the mess the EU created.

Obviously, the EU is not willing to allow Syria to be just Syria. Syria must be destroyed, then rebuild under the rule of the EU, with several states created by the EU and run by EU-puppets. Does this sound familiar? Well, this is exactly following the ‘Yilon-plan’ for the break-up of the Arab nations for the sake of the security of the fascist zionist entity (“Israel”). This plan dates back into the mid-1990s and has since then been put into action, supported by the neocon ‘Project of A New American Century’ (USA, 2000) and their plan for a ‘New Middle East,’ with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon taken out. Now, as the EU, and some less idiotic politicians in the USA (amongst the blind, the single-eyed is king) already have realised that neither Assad nor the Syrian people will ever kneel to the terrorists in Tel Aviv (though Israel is not a formal member of the US-led, war criminal coalition of bombers of Syria, Israel has independently bombed the SAR more than 20 times since the beginning of the foreign-imposed crisis. Additionally, it has provided free trauma care to wounded terrorists, both on the occupied Syrian Golan and in Israeli hospitals), Washington and Brussels, their plan is proven incompetent.

Hence, the EU has changed its tactics – not its goal! – to achieve the goals set by the agenda.

Whilst uncertainty and economical downfall are the terms to describe the recent, crisis-shaken situation of the undemocratic elite’s project EU, the elite’s puppets in Brussels still aim to grab all of Syria. If they can not succeed by terrorism, well they will try it with other kinds of arguments.

Belgium leads other EU countries in dumping its human garbage into Syria.

Bribing Syria’s president to retain influence for the EU is a dead project, proving the arrogance and incompetence of the leading political figures of the EU. Also it proves the despair and the intellectual and moral disgrace these people are. This,in fact, is nothing to be happy about, as they still sit in the chairs of power, but their time runs out. They are proven idiots and incompetent leaders, and in many EU member states a fierce revolt against the Brussels regime of austerity, perpetual wars, plunder, lies, accompanied by the grim scenes of an economical downfall and the planned devaluation of the EURO, is under way. The resistance is growing day by day, and all the actions of the elites, showing their panic, will in the end force the peoples of Europe to decide to either resist and bring down this fascist globalist project, or face eternal slavery in a totalitarian fascist orwellian nightmare which would paint Hitler a saint of humanity.

Eventually, the EU will implode and the situation will make any further terrorism against foreign nations impossible.
Wasn’t this a situation to hope and fight for – for the sake of Syria, but also for the sake of the souls of the Europeans and the future of their children?

But anyway how the Europeans will deal with their internal problems, it does appear almost certain that their plan to destroy Syria as a sovereign nation in the end will fail – being killed by the growing resistance and the heroic fight of the Syrian people and their graceful friends. The liberation of Aleppo will hammer just another nail into the coffin of the failed US-EU-project of regime-change.

God bless Syria.


The author, born in 1964, is a German historian and political scientist.



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  1. Bubba Junior

    Since the start of this catastrophe Dr. Assad has led from the front. His family has also lost members in the fight to preserve Syria. In 2011 he stated about using jihadi’s as a proxy army-” they always bite there handlers”. Hollande did not listen,what happend in Paris? Erdogan did not listen, look at the situation in Turkey today compared to before the war. This goes for all EU countries, terror alert has never been higher. What a mess, and all I can do is apologise for the idiots in my country, Jens Stoltenberg and John Gahr Støre, who have played a larger part in the crimes commited in the middle east than what the Norweagen public knows. Apologise and contact wikileaks prior to the next election.


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