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Vanity Fair’s Fairy Mossad Tale in Syria

image-Vanity Fair's Mossad Fairy Tale - Loose Lips

A concerned friend and co-author of SyriaNews Ms. Miri Wood sent me an urgent message on Friday afternoon sharing an article appearing on ‘Vanity Fair’ website asking my feedback.

It’s a common way we share information and look at the different publications with the huge unprecedented amount of fabricated stories especially by Western mainstream media and their regional minions.

image-Vanity Fair's fairy tale discussed
Vanity Fair’s fairy tale discussed on Skype

We’ve spent many long hours throughout the current Syrian crisis deciphering posts addressed to the Western public opinion and to the masses in our region naturally. Is the information correct? Or better how much of the information is correct in each post, sadly and without any exaggeration, Western journalists writing for mainstream publications cannot post any article, even a post of a current event without their personal and in all the cases their employers’ touch to the events.

I remember some of my friends in the early days of the crisis in Syria asking me to change the wording I use, especially when calling the ‘rebels’ in Syria as ‘Anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist’ and ‘Terrorists’ and instead requesting me to call them ‘rebels’, or ‘insurgents’ or any other word to please Western journalists and the public opinion in the West to allow my posts to be shared by them. When I didn’t change my posts to please them my posts were completely ignored, and countless times copied and regenerated with a complete make-up to cover the ugly reality of these terrorists.

‘EXCLUSIVE: WHAT TRUMP REALLY TOLD KISLYAK AFTER COMEY WAS CANNED’, with All annoying CAPS was the subject of the article my friend sent me to look at.

I do not claim I’m always right, but being skeptical about all Western ‘news’ made me almost always correct in my analyses of their posts.

The ‘Vanity Fair’ post describes the information they know the information Trump revealed ‘contents of a classified and highly sensitive Israeli intel operation’ to his guests the Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak Russian ambassador to the United States at the time.

The publication clearly accuses the US president of betrayal, if not yet to his country but as they described ‘the president betrayed his intelligence community’.

image-Vanity Fair - About
Vanity Fair – About

Our concern here has nothing to do with the US president and his struggle with his ‘intelligence community’ or the ‘mainstream media’ or how ‘the Mossad will have to hold back important information from the US due to this betrayal of the US president’ and keep him in the dark, the least in our interest, it’s about the content he revealed which ‘Vanity Fair’ describes in details as an operation deep in the Syrian territories carried out by a sophisticated highly trained ‘Sayeret Matkal’ or ‘Shadow unit of ghosts’…

I read on with much of surprise, and to be honest, I visualized the well-written story as if I’m watching it live on a big screen in a cinema with all the details given except I couldn’t see the faces of the ‘shadows of ghosts’, my ability and knowledge isn’t yet able to see ghosts faces, although I’ve seen before some faces of Jinn, or what I thought they were before I woke up in the dense of a very cold winter night in Damascus.

Will not waste your time describing the black-op carried out by the Israeli unit, which amounts to a hostility that is definitely another breach of the ‘Agreement on Disengagement between Israel and Syria‘ signed post the October 1973 war. You will with no doubt watch it in an upcoming movie by Hollywood who will not find problems raising a few millions of dollars to create such an entertainment.

I’ll just share with you my reply to my friend:

“There’s not a shred of evidence to support any part of this story and the operation carried out and the information leaked by Trump to his Russian guests, there’s everything that would serve as the magazine’s exclusive story to the magazine’s own name a ‘Vanity Fair’ and same applies to Israel.
Carrying out an operation inside Syria is not a tough job during the crisis, and wasn’t that tough before, massive plains shared with similar plains in Iraq and Jordan, both under US protection, hostile borders with Lebanon and a very long rigid and difficult terrain borders with NATO Turkey. What to expect?
But for 2 helicopters to travel that far and back, and land in the plains then drive 2 Syrian Army jeeps into an ISIS land to kill, kidnap and posses, it’s a bit difficult to digest.”

Then I added:

“They could simply call the ISIS commander and ask about the new idea he was working on, or better ask his operator in the Mossad what he was up to. or even call the Saudis for info. Give me a break here. Mossad against ISIS?” – And there’s not a shred of a conspiracy theory here, the Israelis have worked and still are working closely with all branches of al-Qaeda (FSA) operating in Syria including ISIS and Nusra Front, especially in the occupied Golan Heights and in the supposed to be demilitarized zone there.

One day later, a prominent Syrian analyst who goes by a the pseudonym ‘Naram Sargon’ (after the last great king of the Akkadian Empire), posted on his Facebook page his analysis about ‘Vanity Fair’ article and calling it as it is a ‘Rambo and James Bond scene with some hot spices, onion, ketchup and Biryani Tekka addressed to the naive Western, American, and Arabic public’.

image-Mossad fairy tales - Who is more stupid?
Mossad fairy tales – Who is more stupid?

It’s a well-known practice that each fighting unit in moments of defeat would cling to any story to raise their morale and this is exactly the case now with the terrorist groups on the run in Syria especially after their ISIS miserable defeat in Bu Kamal, despite the heinous direct support they received from the US military to prevent the defeat and prolong their holding on the city until a change of flags with the other US-sponsored ‘HSD’ (SDF) forces arrive and take the city.

Until the next Hollywood episode shaping the western public opinion and the naïve Arabs. Thanks to the free high-quality education we received in Syrian schools these mind playing games for us are mere laughable for moments then we usually feel sick and sorry for those who fall for such stories and get brainwashed into the mainstream media’s programmes.

Sheeple Family
A typical western family following mainstream media

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