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FSA Terrorists Shell Damascus Residential Neighborhood with Mortars

image-Damascus Midan - Terrorists Indiscriminate Shelling

Terrorists from the Free Syrian Army in the Eastern Ghouta enclave has shelled al-Midan residential district in the Syrian capital Damascus injuring 4 residents and causing material damage in properties and vehicles.

The shelling is a clear breach of the ‘de-escalation zones’ agreement guaranteed by Russia, Turkey, and Iran in Astana, obviously, the Turks ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood sponsoring the terrorist groups in Syria are not up to their words, as usual.

Syrian General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces has declared on 22 July 2017 a cease of hostilities in a number of areas in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside according to the agreement on the ‘de-escalation zones’. The Syrian General Command has emphasized its absolute right to retaliate properly for any breach by the terrorist groups.

Al-Midan district has been systematically targeted by the different terrorist groups under the FSA umbrella and in different methods. One of the most heinous attacks was by an anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorist blowing up his 7 years old daughter in al-Midan police station last January 2017, and twin suicide bombing last October 2017. Al-Midan is one of Damascus’s most popular mid-scale neighborhoods south of the city.

The FSA, or Free Syrian Army, is an umbrella of terrorist groups fighting the Syrian state since early 2011 killing Syrian people and destroying the Syrian infrastructure. The FSA is sponsored by a coalition of over 80 countries spearheaded by the creator of al-Qaeda Organization, the United States of America, financed by the Gulfies, and trained and hosted by Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Kurdistan.Its members are imported terrorists from all sides of the globe where the US or any of its minions has influence in poor rural areas.

The FSA includes among its groups the two main notorious branches of al-Qaeda in the Levant: Nusra Front and ISIS, with Nusra Front keep rebranding to appear as a ‘moderate rebels’ group and ISIS is now on the run awaiting further US instructions.

One Syrian citizen was killed last Thursday and 7 others wounded when another group of the FSA fired mortars on the town of Jaramana near Damascus and the Sayyedah Zainab Bus Station. Other FSA attacks targeted Dweilaa, Qassaa, and al-Shaghuor residential neighborhoods in the Syrian capital. A mortar fired by the FSA hit al-Faihaa Sports Complex last week.

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