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Bu Kamal Finally Cleaned from ISIS

image-bu kamal City liberated, the last ISIS terrorist urban center

The race to Bu Kamal is now over, heavy clashes, lots of sacrifices and more determination by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, the city is now ISIS-Free.

Few days ago the liberation of the Bu Kamal from the ISIS terrorist organization was hastily announced before properly combing the last urban center for ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. The easy collapse of ISIS terrorists in front of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies was suspicious, to say the least. Usually, the terrorist organizations fight fierce-fully the SAA while easily handover their positions to any US-sponsored groups of ‘Moderate Rebels’ and non-Moderates from the US-sponsored groups.

The previously announced liberation of Bu Kamal was meant to cut the road off the US from declaring the city as a red-line for the Syrian forces not to cross in their own country.

Now, with this ultra important victory by the SAA against the ISIS terrorist organization in Bu Kamal, we can say the last chapter in this black era of a group of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists is over as an organized mercenaries. What’s left would be suicide bombings by remnants of the ISIS terrorists the US didn’t airlift to other areas to be recycled.

Bu Kamal, the final urban center under the control of ISIS and its claimed ‘Military Capital’ is now cleaned and a strategic victory for the ‘Resistance Axis’ is now achieved. Information that General Kassim Sulaimani, Head of the Iranian elite group Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had personally supervised the last push of the Syrian and allies forces in Bu Kamal.

Tehran – Baghdad – Damascus – Beirut strategic corridor and highway is now linked to the dismay and disappointment of Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and all other evil controlled countries. The Resistance Axis is now in full connected force and can focus on Idleb in Northwest syria and the Golan Heights in the south.

US forces and its proxies in Kurdish militias will also have to face the Resistance Axis forces directly and by liberation guerrilla groups. Russian forces were effectively involved in this final victory, especially after the US cyber-forces were effectively and intensely scrambling the communications of the SAA and its allies.

Mabrook – Congratulations, May God bless the souls of the martyrs, heal the wounds of the injured and protect the Syrian people.

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