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UN P3 again Plotting with alQaeda for Live Chemical Attack


After mountains of reports on the fake chlorine attack in a Ghouta neighborhood were refuted by real Syrian civilians, the UN P3 may again be plotting a live chemical attack to be blamed on the Syrian Arab Republic. Western MSM idiotic videos and photos received from al Qaeda White Helmets should have been enough an embarrassment (e.g., screaming babies proves the babies are in no respiratory distress), but did not stop the White House from its sado-erotic musings on punishment to be inflicted on Syria.  Such sadistic war porn was seen in the aftermath of the Trump regime bombing the Ash Sha’irat airfield based on the reports from British illegal and permanently de-licensed physician giving 24/7 interviews from Khan Sheikhoun.  

alQaeda White Helmets have become the primary news source of warmongering MSM.

SAMS ghouls issuing a fine print retraction that there was no chlorine attack in Ghouta may have been that proverbial straw for the UN P3 gangsters — France, UK, US, world’s leading genocidalists —  to again consider a live chemical attack.   In response to this setback and the increasing military successes of the conscripted Syrian Arab Army, the UNSC held yet another secret, closed-door meeting to discuss Syria.  The clandestine meeting was called by the rabid hyena members of France and Britain.  It was the most recent in a very long list of furtive meetings on Syria which always exclude Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Informed sources on Thursday said that the scenario of the use of chemical weapons appears again in Ghouta by the terrorist organizations in coincidence with Washington and Paris feverish attempts at the United Nations Security Council to target Syria. — SANA

The deranged rantings of the UNSC in support of alQaeda takfiri in Syria, and against the SAR defending its citizens from foreign invaders, was put into motion on 21 January.  On that date, the UN P3 held a furtive, rotten meeting in DC to discuss their plans to disintegrate Syria.  Included in the Small American Group on Syria cabal were the terror-sponsor dictatorship of Saudi occupied Arabia, and the terror-sponsor monarchy of Jordan.

It is reported Britain has spent 1 million pounds to welcome terrorist bin Salman; not all British citizens are thrilled, though.

The demonic desire of the colonialist UN P3 to destroy the SAR will leave no propaganda nor atrocity behind.  In an effort to help those suffering the globalist effects of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbirdbrain, we share two photos related to protection against hazardous materials, for comparison.  The first shows British investigators at the scene of reputed collapse of a British spy, in Britain (and blamed on Russia).  The claim is that Sergei Skirpal was stricken after coming into contact with:  An unknown substance.  Fentanyl (an opioid; give him some naloxone HCL and send him home).  GB (ridiculous, as no injuries reported from first responders).  Ricin (plan his funeral).

Proper biochemical hazard garb. Photo courtesy of Salisbury Journal/Solent News.

Here is the photo from 4 April 2017 of the alQaeda White Helmets engaged in fake emergency response to a fake GB attack in Khan Sheikhoun; please note their protection from this very dangerous neurotoxin.

Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack White Helmets Oscars attacking. Immune to GB.


Miri Wood, RNc

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