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Ukraine: Sky News Caught in Mariupol Hospital Con; Nazi Crimes Ignored

Sky News and AP in Mariupol - Ukraine - Manufacturing Consent

Ukraine propaganda from NATO-affiliated media continues untethered in its support of Nazis, and Nazism without acknowledging their proper names. There seems to be no bottom to the degeneracy, though, at this writing, Sky News may have won the award for lack of journalistic integrity.

In its 17 March titled Ukraine War: Mariupol Hospital an ‘Image of Hell,’ reporter Mark Stone neglects to mention that Mariupol is in Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), which declared itself independent from Ukraine in July 2014, and that the Russian Federation fulfilled its International Law obligation to recognize it, and the Luhansk People’s Republic, before accepting these countries’ requests for military assistance. Russia’s recognition came on 21 February 2022.

The NATO-affiliated reporter calls the protection of DPR and LPR, “Putin’s war.”

Donetsk (DPR) & Luhansk (LPR) declared independence from the Ukraine in 2014.
Donetsk (DPR) & Luhansk (LPR) declared independence from Ukraine in July 2014.

While engaged in research for another report, the author came upon this photograph, an “AP file photo,” which had an air of familiarity — suffocating familiarity — not immediately identified, about it:

'AP file foto' from Mariupol, DPR, not Ukraine.
‘AP File Photo’ from Mariupol, DPR, not Ukraine.

Besides the sheer incompetence regarding spinal precautions, of the two or four + one EMT’s handling the patient incorrectly, there seemed to be something additionally off, so it was blown up, to see sheer fakery, not incompetence.

This is not trauma care, involving rushing someone to a hospital; this is a smarmy photographic opportunity to look awful to a lay readership — especially in its pre-expansion version.

Fakery outside an alleged hospital in Mariupol, which is in the DPR, which is not in the Ukraine.
Fakery outside an alleged hospital in Mariupol, which is in the DPR, which is not in Ukraine.

Referring to the featured image, one might also wonder how the gang got the man onto the stretcher, considering one of them was blocking the car door.

The gang almost looks like it is trying to suffocate the uninjured goofball — who is obviously moving at least two extremities — which is when the memory surfaced: All day on 4 April 2017, transatlantic NATO-affiliated media were reporting the lies of the British terrorist in Khan Sheikhoun. The extensive news videos included stretchers containing heavy blankets, and interviews with the terrorist, Shajul Islam, who gave interviews all day long, while simultaneously trying to save the lives of hundreds of Syrians. The full, original video — a cobbled effort — is now gone, possibly because the fraud who called himself a physician, had been on in London, for a whopping three months, before having his license to practice medicine permanently revoked (during this time, he had several temporary suspensions).

A couple dozen screenshots from the original video, and a partial video, are included here.

Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017. Screengrab from a 60 Minutes clip from a full video, much of which has been removed from the internet.

The warning is pretty much to incite that two-minute hate, by the way.

One thing in this shadow is familiar; another quite ominous.

Sky News ominous warning from alleged Mariupol DPR hospital, wrongfully called Ukraine.
Sky News ominous warning from alleged Mariupol DPR hospital, wrongfully called Ukraine.

Did AP intentionally crop out the man with the rifle, the sound of whose chamber is heard to cock — in the obviously residential neighborhood — at the beginning of the Sky News “Ukraine War” report?

Before examining the short report, Syria News notes that NATO-affiliated AP announced on 25 March that it and NATO-affiliated PBS Frontline were collaborating on tracking “evidence of potential war crimes” “during one of the largest conflicts in Europe since the end of World War II.”

One might consider that a wire service capable of tracking such evidence, might be competent enough to have concern about a rifle in an alleged hospital zone, be cognizant of the fraud involving five men, a car, and a stretcher, and be concerned with the company it keeps, given Frontline having sneaked a reporter into al Qaeda haven, Idlib, to give designated terrorist al Jolani a makeover.

One of the “very upsetting images” included in the alleged Mariupol — in Donetsk, which is not part of Ukraine — hospital is a cheaper phony version of moulage face/head trauma care used on kidnapped Syrian children.

The first photo is a still from the Sky News piece. It shows a breathing man with useless gauze and an overdose of red dye, which he seems to be trying to keep out of his eyes, by blinking a lot. The second is of meticulously disgraceful moulage on a kidnapped Syrian boy.

The third photograph is of the little girl Shahd, who survived the terrorist massacre in al Rashidin, in April 2017. It shows proper facial wound/head care and bandaging.

The cobbling of the scenes is meant as a visual assault designed to prevent the viewer from thinking.

The brute who reportedly is a physician, also takes his script from Syria, claiming that “all the hospitals have been bombed,” though part of the video suggests this building — inferred to be the hospital — is completely intact, as is an ambulance that barely has room to make a u-turn, as is the shopping cart (the doormat next to it remains a mystery, unless added to further degrade human being who watch this report), as are the alleged bodies covered with bloodied covers, while no blood is shown on the surrounding ground.

It also does not fit with the opening scene.

Alleged hospital in Mariupol, which is not part of Ukraine.
Alleged hospital in Mariupol, which is not part of Ukraine.
Fake hospital in Idlib.

The doctor takes us down an unkempt outdoor stairwell, into a dingy basement where he does a schlock imitation of the Statue of Liberty holding his cellphone light up high, using his right arm, of course.

Behold the scary Halloween fixture on the dirty floor! We are supposed to believe that during non-stop bombings of all the hospitals, where there are no medications or other essentials, health care workers managed to waste much time wrapping an alleged corpse in God-knows-what, duct tape with impressive ninety-degree angles, affixed with pretty hearts, and then carried down one or two flights of stairs, to be dumped in the rotting, corroding, basement.

This sadoerotic degeneracy is a variation of the racist perversion allegedly in Ecuador — massively hit by Covid, in 2020. In a country of short people, massive amounts of plastic wrap, duct tape, and half a cardboard box were found for a giant, meticulously wrapped, and then dumped onto the sidewalk

The only scene in the Ukraine war report that looks like a hospital room, is the one in which neonates are left screaming, as a woman sadly touches a blanket with some red splotches on it, sadly watching the screaming newborns.

Stone claims they have been moved; “now they lie under blankets to protect them from the flying glass as the explosions continue.”

He has apparently missed the plywood or cardboard in the windows.

"Ukraine war": Woman looks sad watching neonates scream.
“Ukraine war”: Woman looks sad watching neonates scream.

We have no way to know what is the context of this woman’s earnest plea; this hall looks more like a shelter — with a fire hazard pile of rugs and blankets — unlikely to be seen in any hospital.

This does not appear to be a hospital, not in Mariupol, DPR, nor in Ukraine.
This does not appear to be a hospital, not in Mariupol, DPR, nor in Ukraine.

Reporter Stone, who, while in the basement, stated “we have seen” the alleged dead 22 day old infant wrapped in a blanket and dumped on the floor of the beat-up basement, too gruesome for viewers.

He did not explain his curious ending, either, Mark Stone, in neighboring Moldova — a mere 999 kilometers from Mariupol of DPR, the republic independent from Ukraine.

Map showing Mariupol, DPR, Ukraine, & Moldova.
Map showing Mariupol, DPR, Ukraine, & Moldova.

Syria News underscores the gruesome reality that the same NATO-affiliated media (and diplomats and humanitarian gangs) that have supported and legitimized atrocities committed by al Qaeda terrorist factions in the Levantine republic, which blamed the government for the crimes against humanity, now give tacit support to Nazis of Ukraine, ignoring their atrocities.

When terrorists kidnapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers and executed them for the camera, and then blew up the Al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, NATO-affiliated BBC gave them bleaching, in the gloating headline that Syria [sic] rebels [sic] take back strategic hospital in Aleppo.

When terrorists in Idlib kidnapped, partially stripped, and then executed Syrian soldiers in their homeland, NATO-affiliated New York Times whined that the terrorists might lose support if they continued with the atrocities.

The lone difference between the savagery of al Qaeda terrorists and Nazi terrorists is that Nazis wear uniforms (when on official duty).

Russian soldiers similarly brutalized by Ukraine Nazis.
Russian soldiers similarly brutalized by Ukraine Nazis.

NATO-affiliated media have spent eleven years glorifying terrorists and demonizing the government and its conscripted military, in Syria. Now, NATO-affiliated media have added the glorification of the Nazis of Ukraine and the demonization of the Russian military engaged in halting Nazi atrocities.

We preface the following video with a strict warning about the severity of its gruesomeness. We share it to bear witness to these crimes against humanity perpetrated by Ukraine Nazis, a witnessing that we shall not find by stenography journalists…unless to legitimize these atrocities.

Like the violent terrorist sociopaths in Syria, the Ukraine Nazis have shared their hideous barbarities with the internet. The Nazi savages have shared with the world their shootings of Russian soldiers — some with hands cuffed behind their backs — shootings in their knees, shooting in their groins, shooting off of their legs; putting hoods over the faces of Russian soldiers so Nazi boots do not get soiled by blood, skin, bone fragments when the Nazis repeatedly kick their faces.

These horrifying acts of inflicted violence are meant to maim and cause excruciating pain prior to bleeding out. It is unlikely that these Russian martyrs survived to be executed.

These Nazi savages show us their horrors, stripping some soldiers to the waist — most of whom show signs of having been stabbed in their spleens, about to be executed.

The last portion of this video has been extensively blurred. It involves a gang of ununiformed street Nazis torturing a kidnapped Roma girl. She has been stripped, and every time she answers “no” to questions these monsters ask, they hit her with sticks and rocks, and then repeat their sadistic questions.

In the end, they force her to wipe what may be green animal antiseptic over her face, as they have done to people herded from the streets, tied to poles, and beaten.

The video is also available on BitChute, we preferred not to upload it to YouTube out of concern they would close the channel

We anticipate that NATO media, NATO politicians, and the NATO junta occupying the UN will continue to lie about Ukraine, to lie about ”hospitals” in Ukraine, and in Donetsk, will continue to lie that Nazis are freedom fighters.

A plague upon their houses.

Miri Wood

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