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Terrorists Loyal to Erdogan Occupation Forces in Syria Continue Fratricide

Terrorists loyal to Erdogan occupation forces still engage in fratricide.

Terrorists loyal to NATO madman Erdogan and his war criminal occupation forces have engaged in a new round of infighting in Ras al Ayn city of al Hasakah governate, Syria. This new round of violence over who gets to steal possessions belonging to Syrian people, unfortunately, did not result in actual fratricidal deaths, just injuries.

Ras al Ayn, Syria, falls within the region of the Syrian Arab Republic that cherished NATO war criminal Erdogan has occupied since late 2019. In September of that year, the unindicted war criminal spoke before the UNGA, sharing his map of annexation, which he lied would be a safe zone to control the border. Not a single UN hyena condemned the decision to invade, occupy, and engage in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous Syrians from their homeland.

The UNGA klansmen and their house servants engaged in their convenient amnesia, feigning oblivion against knowledge that most of the 350,000 foreign terrorists that have invaded the Syrian Arab Republic, entered through the border with Turkey, and not a single one — including criminal John McCain, twice — stepped on any of the nearly 200k landmines that Turkey promised to clear, upon signing the Mine Ban Treaty way back in 2003.

Erdogan run al Qaeda terrorists have engaged in fratricide in the occupied region of the Syrian Arab Republic.
Madman Erdogan’s annexation map approved by the UN NATO klan. His al Qaeda terrorists continue fighting over Syrian homes, furniture, businesses.

The month after the caliph wannabe shared his plot, Erdogan’s air force bombed the electricity grid in nearby Allouk, the electricity grid that maintains the clean water supply to more than one million Syrians living throughout al Hasakah governate. Government authorities immediately repaired the grid, and one day later, Madman Erdogan re-bombed. That repairs were made by Syria’s electricity army, with the help of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, were of no concern to the mafioso clique running the UN, at the anti-Syria circle-jerk of 24 October. Instead, Ass. Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs & Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ursula Mueller emitted noxious fumes normalizing Madman Erdogan regime terrorists in Syria as “allied non-State armed groups” who somehow destroyed part of the Allouk Power Plant infrastructure, much of which had been repaired by a fairy godmother of some UN NATO klansman.

Erdogan terrorists cut off the drinking water at Allouk water pump in Hassakeh
Madman Erdogan again deprives one million Syrians by shutting the water supply from Allouk Power Station. Ramadan Kareem from the Islam-hating MB operative [Archive]

Syria News reminds our readers that ISIS terrorists re-emerged in Ras al Ayn in October 2020, under the leadership of war criminal Erdogan, whose invasion and occupation of northern Syria is tacitly approved by the criminals occupying the once noble United Nations.

The NATO junta that occupies the UN ignored the breach of its noble Charter, pretended that the plant bombed itself, repaired itself, bombed itself again, and these klansmen have continued to ignore Erdogan (and the NATO US-run SDF) water war crimes against the indigenous Syrians.

For those maintaining a Utopian delusion that the UN has not been hijacked and corrupted by NATO mafiosi, klansmen, and assorted military-industrial complex supremacists, please consider that Michelle Bachelet has remained criminally silent over the water war crimes against indigenous Syrian Arabs, since these atrocities began. Then, please marvel at her recent condemnation of Iran for not magically fixing the drought in Khuzestan, during which she feigned concern for the “Arab minority” in this region. Bachelet is the High Commissioner of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Let us also never forget that while some of the finely coiffed terrorists in the UN hypocritically wail about water, it was UNSCR 1973 (2011) that destroyed Libya’s Great Man-Made River, and with it, Gaddafi’s dream of expanding water development throughout the entire African continent.

May we never forget that these lying liars and deadly hypocrites have been silent over water war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic that have been ongoing since the NATO-owned FSA invaded and occupied al Tabqa Dam in February 2013, nor that they were silent in December 2016, when NATO terrorists gave a Christmas present to Syrians by polluting the al Fijah Spring — humanity’s oldest natural water source — depriving over 5.5 million Damascenes of their essential water source. These savages destroyed some of the infrastructures, and threatened to blow up all of it (terrorist White Helmets were part of this water war crime, by the way), arrogantly silent when that water war crime was finally resolved, though not before Retired Syrian Arab Army General Ahmad al Ghadban was assassinated by NATO/UN junta approved terrorists, 14 January 2017.

Sunday evening’s round of savagery among the terrorists for the spoils of loot stolen from Syrians, involved the use of “light and medium weapons” — NATO weapons, which do not fall like manna from the heavens — and only injured five of the violent criminals, in yet another of infinite numbers of al Qaeda offshoots, Jaish al Sharqiya.

Sunday’s sub-fratricide “erupted due to the continued conflict among terrorists on the stolen property areas…[and] accusations of treason and detonation of car bombs in Ras al-Ayn city and a number of villages in its vicinity.”

Terrorists attack Tal Halaf Ras Al Ayn - Hasakah Syria

Reportedly, during the recent period, dozens of these savages loyal to Madman Erdogan have killed each other — when not engaged in murdering indigenous Syrian Arab civilians, and destroying their homes when they are unable to simply murder them and invade and occupy their homes.

This US American writer reminds her fellow countrymen that while many are facing home evictions, while many cannot afford decent health care and insurance, while our bipartisan federal and local leaders ignore preventive action for wild fire hotspots, allow one hundred-thirty year old water pipes to be neglected until they burst and destroy homes and businesses, our leaders continue to divert our taxes to terrorists who butcher civilians, steal their homes, and destroy their infrastructure in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Miri Wood

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  1. Roy Booher

    Syrians may or may not have either the human or capital resources to build such a machine that can transport all necessities from anywhere to wherever needed, but your friends and allies might. The primary set of equations needed are in the enclosed link.

    Our April Fool’s wasn’t perhaps as silly as it sounded. Matin Durrani, editor-in-chief, Physics World. Also, Matt, this might supply, all the energy the world needs by either burning space/time all by itself or via entanglement placing a receiver/transmitter near a cosmological energy source.

    Well, thank God I found this article today;
    So, that you or someone else who might be interested, not only in the article above in its own right, but the implications of it as it concerns temporal entanglement and the missing mass of the universe.

    Otherwise, I would have had to rely solely on, “spookiness”. In the article you referred to concerning photons and entanglement, only tiny amounts of energy were involved, this despite our awareness that quantum effects can be of cosmological proportion. The theory is as far as I know is that Astral Projection is solely an internal affair of a mind responding to either physical and/or mental stress and that beyond that it is only a biological phenomenon.

    If in reality there really was something beyond that, then that thing might, as in the case of a tree falling in a forest and no conscience being in the vicinity to record the event, but if there was, then it could possibly be recorded as a ghost. But, then most people don’t believe in them either; I certainly never did, and even when I did finally see one, I still thought it was only an animal running through the fog.

    When a couple of minutes later, after parking the vehicle I was in I returned to the same spot, there was no animal and no trace that there had ever been a fog two minutes earlier and no wind either.

    The whole message that I’m trying to relay is that not just photons but massive objects can also be transported the same way. But, of course further study on that phenomenon requires a certain amount of belief in spookiness at a distance.

    This time no doubt I have to find someone else to build this as not only is the engine even more efficient than fusion, but the space craft itself, also becomes a time machine. With all the political, thievery, murder going on, I hardly have time to spend on science anymore, but it seems if people could just stop all the BS, we could all be traveling in a so-call tardus soon. (Dr. Who, ‘time lord’)

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    ISIS re-emerged in Ras Al-Ayn when the NATO Turkish army occupied the city with their Al Qaeda terrorists, there is no coincidence there, at all.


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