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ISIS Re-emerges in Ras Al-Ayn under Erdogan’s Protection

ISIS terrorists in Ras Al Ain north Syria again with Erdogan help

ISIS terrorists, flags, chants, and vehicles re-emerged on the streets of the Syrian city of Ras Al-Ayn, in Al Hasakah northern countryside on the borders with NATO member state Turkey.

The gatherings of ISIS terrorists in the city’s main roundabout came under the guise of protests against the reckless and bigot anti-Islamic statements of the French President Emmanuel Macron in recent days. ISIS terrorists seemed to be moving freely in the city which is infested heavily by thousands of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood groups loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan.

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.
ISIS terrorists and flags re-emerge in Ras Al Ain north Syria under Erdogan protection

The date of the ‘protests’ by the ISIS terrorists seem to be last Sunday, the 25th of October, however, the videos have started circulating widely online today.

Both NATO leaders, Macron of France and Erdogan of Turkey, are using the hate speech emitting by the French media and the French governing establishment to charge their bases hoping to gain enough support in the radical segments of their societies after both of them failed miserably to gain popularity for their policies and acts on all aspects domestically and on the international arena.

Most observers in Syria do not see any difference between the assorted terrorist groups created by NATO member states in the country, namely, the USA, Turkey, France, and Britain, with their propaganda arms: ISIS, Nusra Front aka Jabhat Nusra aka HTS aka Al Qaeda Levant, Hamzat Group, Murad Soleiman, Muslim Brotherhood, FSA, the White Helmets, et al, the only difference is in their uniforms and the flags they carry during their propaganda stunts.

ISIS, like all other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, did not fall from the skies, those in Iraq emerged under the protection of the US occupation forces, and those pouring into Syria from the northern borders come directly from Turkish training camps under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence whose head Hakan Fidan is Erdogan’s right hand.

Using Islam to further a political agenda is very anti-Islamic as per the main bases of Islam, that’s the main reason why mainstream Muslims reject the policies of Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood party who resort to controlled media to cover for their real size on the fringes of Islamic societies.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    What a surprise, I’m shocked.. Erdogan sponsoring ISIS, don’t say it.. He’s the one who hosted 4 million Syrians after sending his head choppers to their towns and butchered tens of thousands of them and stole their factories, siphoned their oil along with ISIS and before that with Nusra Front and the FSA and sold it to Israel and blew up their markets and burned their crops, he’s protecting ISIS, I’m so surprised, not.


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