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A Civilian Killed in Terrorists’ Infighting in Ras Al Ain, al Hasakah

Al Hamzat - One of Erdogan's terrorist groups for hire established in Northern Syria

A civilian has been killed in the renewed infighting between terrorist groups in the city of Ras Al Ain, in the northern Hasakah countryside in the furthest north of Syria at the borders with Turkey.

The Turkish-sponsored terrorists used medium and light weaponry in their clashes over bounties from their theft of the Syrian people’s properties and from extortion imposed on the civilians, local sources reported.

The Turkish madman Erdogan shipped thousands of terrorists and their families from northwest regions in Syria to the northeastern regions after displacing the locals by ways of intimidating and terror. Erdogan wants to create a buffer zone in the Syrian northern provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah using Syrian and foreign terrorists loyal to him, who Israelize the region.

Al Hamzat terrorist group - Erdogan's loyal mercenary for hire
Al Hamzat terrorist group – one of Erdogan’s loyal mercenary for hire

Terrorists loyal to Erdogan have been used in his military adventures in a number of countries, namely in Libya, in Syria, and now in Nagorno-Karabach against through Azerbaijan and with the help of Israel, this is reminiscent of the Seferberlik, what Erdogan’s grandfathers did with the youngmen from the regions they occupied under the so-called Seferberlik, where they would kidnap whoever was able to carry weapons and sent them to the useless wars the anti-Islamic Ottoman empire initiated.

The terrorists are completely brainwashed with Erdogan’s anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ideology, an ideology created by the British along with Zionism and Wahhabism to control the masses through religious doctrines and start civil and religious wars wherever the British empire needs to establish its influence and to use them against its opponents, there are no more dangerous conflicts than the religious ones.

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