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Landmine Explosions Kill 3 Farmers and Injure 5 in Idlib and Hama

Landmine explosion - Syria - Archive

Two landmine explosions killed three farmers and injured five others yesterday in the countrysides of the provinces of Idlib and Hama, in the northwest of Syria.

Idlib: A landmine explosion killed 3 farmers and injured 4 others on a farm in the Khan Sheikhoun farmlands area, in the southern Idlib countryside, northwest of Syria.

The landmine blew up in a group of farmers who were carrying out farming work on the land, 3 were killed and 4 others injured one of them sustained severe injuries, local reports from the region said.

Hama: Another landmine blew up in a civilian in the town of Tayyibat al-Imam in the northern countryside of Hama province causing multiple injuries in the victim who was rushed to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

The landmines were planted by the Turkey-sponsored Nusra Front aka HTS in order to continue killing and maiming Syrian citizens long after the terrorists are gone. Terrorist groups planted tens of thousands of landmines and assorted IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) they created in many shapes and forms, some were in the shape of toys and left near schools, others as household items and planted inside residential houses.

Thousands of Syrians of all ages and of both sexes from all walks of life have been killed and injured by landmines only all over the country in areas infested by the NATO terrorists throughout the past 9.5 years. The taste of the blood and the cries of the suffering of the Syrian people cause a special sick self-satisfaction for the hypocrite NATO officials and their regional stooges while flooding the world with their crocodile tears over what the Syrians are going through.

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  1. Armenian Friends

    Dear Syrian Brothers and Sisters, we are praying for you and writing to our elected officials to crack down on Turkey, sanction them every possible way, send in peacekeepers, and eject them from NATO. Stay strong….we too feel that the world has abandoned us.


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