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Nine Students Injured by a Landmine Explosion Southwest of Damascus

Syrian students injured in landmine explosion south of Damascus

Nine secondary school students were injured by a landmine explosion in the town of Beit Jinn, Damascus southwestern countryside.

The landmine was planted on the road connecting the town of Beit Jinn with Beit Jinn farms in the Qatana region by the US-sponsored terrorists when they infested the area.

The explosion of the landmine caused moderate to severe injuries among a group of students of 8th and 9th grades, the injured were rushed first to nearby hospitals of Khan Arnabeh and Mamdouh Abazah, two of the injured students were rushed to Al Mujtahid Hospital in Damascus.

Hudhayfah Hamadah, 14 years old student and one of the two rushed to Mujtahid Hospital explained what happened: ‘After school, while we were on the way back home we heard a very strong sound and afterward I was in too much pain and found myself on the ground and my friends around me, I couldn’t run but some of my friends carried me to a car which brought me to the hospital.’

The student Hudhayfah suffers from a broken face and an injury to the left hand and will undergo an operation, and Narges Okasha, the other child rushed to Mujtahid Hospital, suffers from lower-body injuries due to the explosion, Dr. Saed Thaljeh of the emergency room in the hospital explained.

Narjes said that she didn’t realize what was happening at first when she was with her four colleagues and now she is having pain in her legs and will undergo an operation.

Both students will be kept in the hospital for monitoring and further treatment by jaw and orthopedic surgeons.

Earlier last month another landmine explosion caused multiple injuries in a woman working at a family farm in the town of Beit Jinn.

Despite the enormous efforts of the Engineering Units of the Syrian Arab Army and the help extended by the allies in demining the areas liberated from terror, there is still much more work to be done especially that the sponsors of the terrorists were very ‘generous’ with supplies provided for their crimes against the Syrian people.

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