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Damascus International Airport Resumes Flights after Lockdown

Damascus International Airport Resumes Flights after COVID 19 Lockdown

Damascus International Airport reopens its doors again after lockdown measures to confront COVID 19, the airport constitutes a lung for Syria to breathe through under the conditions of the US and EU-imposed blockade and sanctions and due to the consequences of the years of war.

After prolonged years of the US-waged war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people in order to subdue them like the other nations that surrendered, the COVID 19 came heavily on the country’s economy with borders to neighboring countries blocked upon the US instructions, the Aleppo International Airport was targeted with mortar and grad missiles shelling by terrorists, the Damascus International Airport halted operations except for bringing back Syrians stranded in foreign countries.

The following report by Al Mayadeen news channel from Damascus International Airport covering the resumption of flights sheds light on the procedures implemented to comply with the Syrian Ministry of Health’s protocol in addressing COVID 19:

The video is also available on 3Speak and on BitChute.

Transcript of the translation of the video report:

Regular movement returns to Damascus International Airport from its widest gates, the airport that has not stopped one day throughout the years of war, has been stopped by the measures to combat Corona for several months, so that today another lung for Syrians will return to connect them with the countries of the world.

Measures that take into account health safety from the moment the traveler arrives, sanitizing devices, floor marks to achieve spatial distancing, and personnel to measure temperature, measures that comply with the protocol of the Ministry of Health and the instructions of the World Health Organization.

Bassem Mansour – Director of Civil Aviation in Syria: The procedures start from the passenger entering, keeping distances, sanitizing, wearing the mask, the spacing in seating, passenger walking through inspection devices, passports control, to the departure gates, all these measures, and also the procedures on the plane, as well as the procedures on the plane, there are procedures that ensure non-contact, and ensure protective clothing for the flight crew.

The first regular flight is heading to Cairo, scheduling simple flights, but they give an important starting signal on the path of activating conneccting lines between Damascus and the world, and arrangements for expanding traffic by receiving regional and international airlines.

Shefaa Al-Nouri – Director of the Syrian Aviation Corporation: The airline will reprogram all flights to the destinations that it was previously working on, and we will strive to help our passengers to come directly to Damascus International Airport in order to dispense with travel through the airports of neighboring countries.

Damascus airport is on a date with an active movement of Syrian aviation and Arab and international airlines on the way to restore its activity as it was before the war.

Muhammad Al-Khader – Damascus International Airport, Al-Mayadeen

End of the transcript.

Some people would criticize the measures taken by the Syrian government to combat COVID 19, many believe it’s a total scam, we’d appreciate they would assist the Syrian people who went through unimaginable suffering throughout the past years and that they would focus their criticism against their own criminal governments to lift the inhumane sanctions imposed on Syria in order for the Syrian people to resume their lives to at least the level of those criticizing them.

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