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Turkey and ‘Israel’… Did they Cross Path in Azerbaijan?

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The following is the English translation from Arabic of the latest article by Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali he published in the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news site Al-Mayadeen Net:

Is it possible that the Turkish-Israeli “consensus” in Azerbaijan, and across it in the Caucasus in general, will contribute to achieving the great reconciliation between Ankara and Tel Aviv?

With the continuation of the discussion of many scenarios about the meaning and future of hot confrontations between Armenians and Azerbaijan along the frontlines between the two parties in the vicinity of the Nagorno Karabakh region, Turkish and Israeli support for Azerbaijan gained additional importance, not only in the military sense but also in regard to the Turkish – Azerbaijan’s interests and calculations compatibility in Azerbaijan, and against Russia, Iran, and the Armenians altogether.

Information circulated talked about the use of Turkish drones, “Bayraktar TB2”, and Israeli “Harpy” and “Harop” drones, which were recently acquired by the Azerbaijani army from Ankara, which is carrying out suicide missions against the Armenian sites.

The information also talked about the delivery of “LORA” ballistic missiles, with a range of 300 km, to Azerbaijan, in addition to “TOS” air defense systems to counter the Russian “Iskander” missiles owned by Armenia. The Azerbaijani army enjoys direct support from Israeli and Turkish military experts, amid information about the role of Israeli satellites and listening devices in Azerbaijan in transmitting all live footage and scenes of the movements and locations of the Armenian forces to the Azerbaijani Command Staff, while interfering with the Armenian military communications with devices obtained by Baku from “Israel” and Turkey.

The indirect Turkish-Israeli coordination, cooperation, and alliance in Azerbaijan was not the only thing that unites the two parties on the basis of common interests, both direct and indirect. “Israel” has always evaded support for Armenian talk about the genocide that the Ottoman Empire carried out against them prior and during the First World War, which is 30 years before the Hitlerite annihilation of the Jews.

Over the past years, it (Israel) has succeeded in “monopolizing” emotional, political, and international solidarity with the Jews only, despite all the massacres and genocides committed by the imperialist and colonial countries against the peoples of many countries of the world, even if we ignore the Palestinian people issue, which is the focus of all regional and international conflicts, and all of them are in the service of the Zionist entity.

This entity succeeded ‘thanks’ to the Jewish communities present there in the incursion into many capitals of the Islamic republics that gained independence from the Soviet Union, and mainly in Baku, which after its independence entered into a strategic alliance with Tel Aviv, whose relations witnessed many ups and downs with Turkey for 17 years of the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while Tel Aviv was, and will remain, the sole beneficiary of the past ten years of the so-called “Arab Spring”, which Turkey was, is, and will remain the main player in, with all its negative and dangerous consequences for the region including Turkey as well.

The indirect Turkish-Israeli “consensus” in Azerbaijan was not the only thing that would be reflected in its direct and indirect results on the possible developments of the Karabakh crisis with its multiple regional and international dimensions; the media loyal to President Erdogan began a very violent campaign against Iran, which Turkish media and analysts accuse of providing military support for the Armenians.

The loyal Turkish media and social networks publish pictures, scenes, and information about this support, calling on the Turkish state to respond to this Iranian support, directly or indirectly, and many journalists threatening Iran and President Rouhani, talking about the Iranian army and security sending additional forces to the regions in which the Azeris live in northwestern Iran, which borders Armenia and Azerbaijan, without anyone having the opportunity to debate this information, first because of President Erdogan’s control of 95% of the private and government media, and secondly because of the nationally charged popular atmosphere, due to solidarity with Azerbaijan against the Armenians; the religious and historical “enemy” of the Turks.

The aforementioned channels and media also transmit pictures and scenes, which they say refer to popular demonstrations by Turkmen and Azeris in northwestern Iran denouncing Iran’s support for Armenia, in an attempt to charge national sentiment against “Persian Iran” which is “hostile to Turkey, the Turks and the Azeris, who are of Turkish origin. Here, too, the goals of the Turkish media coincide with the calculations of “Israel”, which has intelligence services in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the Nakhchuan region of Azerbaijan, separated from it by the Armenian lands.

Press information constantly talks about the activities of the Israeli Mossad in these areas, and it targets Iran, especially the areas in which the Azeris live, with the aim of inciting them to revolt against the “Iranian-Persian state”, which has been in the anti-Ankara trench over the past years, due to its support for President Assad and the Lebanese Hezb Allah, according to the description of the Turkish media

The (Erdogan) loyalist media was not satisfied with all of this against Iran, as if everyone had been ready for this campaign for a long time, it also talked about transporting 350 PKK militants by truck from Iran to Armenia, and similar numbers of Armenian volunteers from Syria and Iran to Armenia to fight against Azerbaijan. This media talk came in an attempt to cover up information about the transfer of hundreds of Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan to fight against the Armenians.

All parties, especially Turkey and Israel, did not neglect the Russian role in this crisis and its possibilities, after the Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan refused the Russian mediation, due to the information that spoke about US moves in this matter, as everyone knows Ankara and Tel Aviv are uncomfortable with the Russian position in Syria and Iran, and the entirety of Russian regional and international policies, which often clash with Turkish and Israeli calculations.

The final question remains: Is it possible that the Turkish-Israeli “consensus” in Azerbaijan, and across it in the Caucasus in general, will contribute to achieving the great reconciliation between Ankara and Tel Aviv? If the answer is yes, then this will blow up all regional and international accounts, and in particular the ongoing discussions about all crises in the region, especially Syria, Libya, and Iraq, with all their known complications. Such a possibility, if realized, will block the way for the Emirati, Saudi, and Egyptian calculations that aim to besiege Turkey, and President Erdogan has proven that with its tactical maneuvers, it can shuffle the cards for everyone.

Although some do not exclude such an “exciting” possibility, it has become clear that Azerbaijan’s victory from this crisis will help Tel Aviv and Ankara, and encourage them to “coordinate and cooperate” jointly in other arenas that enjoy a common interest from the two capitals, and they have an exciting common history, not only After the establishment of the Zionist state, but much earlier!

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    It always make me wonder how Erdogan’s followers don’t see all this hypocrisy in his acts? He only attacks Israel with words but attacks all its foes to weaken them with military and terror, he increased the trade with Israel 6 times in the past 9 years, then his followers say he is against Israel… Really?

    • Arabi Souri

      Isn’t it mind blowing? But only if you think his followers are better than him.
      Text: كما تكونوا يولى عليكم
      Translation: The virtue of a nation determines the virtue of its leaders and politicians. (literally: as you are, you are ruled).
      They are his followers because they share the same ideology, they’re the servants of the anti-christ, no more no less.


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