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Syria Calls on Azerbaijan and Armenia to Reach a Peaceful Solution

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Damascus

Syria weighed in on the recent escalations between Azerbaijan and Armenia and called on both parties to find a peaceful settlement between the neighboring countries.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also warned of a Turkish negative plot interfering in the conflict setting traps to the Armenian initiatives that call for calm and resolving the differences peacefully.

Armenia and Azerbaijan flags
Azerbaijan and Armenian flags

An official source at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement published by SANA: ‘The Syrian Arab Republic deeply regrets the clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan that left victims from both sides and offers condolences to the families of the victims and wishes for a speedy recovery for the wounded.’

The statement added: ‘Syria calls on the Azerbaijani government to be careful not to fall into the trap of the Turkish plan and to respond to the Armenian initiatives that call for calm, dialogue and resolving the differences between them peacefully.’

Syria has all reasons to warn of Turkish interferences in any crisis worldwide where the Turkish regime of the madman Erdogan has always failed commitments, back-stabbed allies, and foes despite international agreements the Turks signed with them, and sponsored terror and ignited strife to achieve cheap political short term goals.

When the Turkish-sponsored terrorists were gaining ground in Syria and destroying a town after the other, the Turkish regime breached each article of the Adana Accord between the two neighboring countries, and when its terrorists were losing ground rapidly, the Turkish regime was crying for the need to implement the Adana Accord they breached.

The Turkish madman Erdogan cannot deny shipping hundreds of terrorists from regions under his forces occupation in northern Syria to the frontlines to fight against the Armenian army, similarly to how he sent hundreds of his loyal terrorists to Libya when needed. This adds an additional high-level threat for regional stability and beyond.

The current escalations between Azerbaijan and Armenia only serve Israel, that’s what is steering the Turkish intervention in the conflict against all international calls for calm.

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