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Inauguration of Al Hawash University Hospital, Homs Western Countryside

Dr Farzat Ayoub Hospital - Al Hawash University Hospital Homs Syria

Al Hawash Private University Hospital is now open under the new management of Al Hawash Private University in the western countryside of Homs, Syria. The inauguration took place under the patronage of the Patriarch Youhanna X. Yazigi, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East.

Al Hawash University Hospital, formerly known as Dr. Farzat Ayoub Hospital, will serve a very needy population in central Syria, the region bordering Lebanon was among the first areas in Syria infested by herds of thousands of radical terrorists, mostly smuggled into Syria crossing from neighboring countries. The terrorists destroyed the country’s infrastructure and heritage sites, the Healthcare sector, once a thriving sector in the entire Levant and beyond, was systematically targeted by the US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ of head-choppers and cannibals who blew up healthcare facilities, used ambulance vehicles as booby-trapped car bombs, assassinated doctors, professors and scientists, and even shelled universities with mortars.

Rebuilding Syria’s infrastructure while still combating tens of thousands of the radical suicide terrorists is a miracle being happening, despite the enormous pressure from the US and EU blockade and incremental sanctions against the Syrian people topped with the measures taken to contain the spread of COVID 19.

‘We are people who love life’, was message of Patriarch Yazigi, whose brother and another Archbishop were kidnapped by FSA moderate terrorists in April 2013, their driver was murdered, his body tossed from the vehicle. Negotiations for their release weren’t successful.

The following report by the Syrian Channel One sheds some light:

The video is also available on BitChute.

His Excellency Jose Biomorgi, Venezuela’s ambassador to Syria, participated in the inauguration ceremony.

Transcript of the translation of the above video report:

Al-Hawash Private University Hospital in Wadi Al-Nassara inaugurated to provide medical services to the people of the area.

Various medical services to serve the people of many villages in the western countryside of Homs, after the opening of Al-Hawash University Hospital in Wadi Al-Nassara, in the presence of civil and religious dignitaries.

The hospital includes many departments equipped with the best medical equipment to provide distinguished health services in partnership with government medical institutions.

Patriarch Youhanna X. Yazigi – Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East: Today we are in this medical edifice in which we have toured and we can say that it is a great medical edifice with its facilities, spaces, and its large built-up area with all the preparation that it is ready to perform the medical duty towards any person who needs it.

This is a great joy, no doubt, in terms of being present in Wadi Al-Nassara, in the medical institution, Dr. Farzat Ayoub Hospital, which will be affiliated as a university hospital of Al-Hawash University.

We, in Syria, despite all the difficult circumstances and conditions and despite all the harsh years that we have gone through, today too, this is a message in addition to being an educational, humanitarian, and healing message, it is also a great message to all our children at home and to all those abroad that we are, despite the war, despite the destruction, and despite all the damages that have been caused, we, in Syria, spoke of a people who love life, and if some are destined to destroy, then we are destined to build and remain.

This hospital now, which is the university hospital of this university, this is an area of pride and glory in the university educational institution first, and in Wadi Al-Nassara second, and in all Syria, in general.

Dr. Mikhail Dawood – Director of Al-Hawash University Hospital: The hospital consists of 110 beds and has all qualitative and subspecialties in all possible surgeries, even heart surgeries, obesity surgeries, and delicate surgeries. The hospital is equipped with the latest radiology equipment and the latest laboratory equipment that the patient may need.

Medical laboratory in charge: We in the laboratory are ready to provide all medical services from analyzes to transplantation and we have a section for poisoning analyzes in the event of poisoning, and all the blood tests and the CBC.

Kamel Ayoub – Director of Al-Hawash University: We were able to complete the hospital in spite of the very difficult circumstances surrounding the country. It was a tremendous work and a work we raise the hat for the engineers and workers who were able to work under these circumstances.

The hospital contains 110 beds and will be handed over today to Al-Hawash University, which will manage the hospital through the Faculty of Medicine and through the hospital’s special administration, and will provide many services to the region and people within a radius of 50 kilometers. The existing equipment is very advanced, such as cardiac catheterization, CT scan, x-rays, laboratory, and all modern equipment that the hospital is equipped with.

The health sector in Syria, in spite of all the difficulties and the economic blockade, is working with concerted efforts to return to recovery with the vigor of the medical and nursing staff who are constantly giving to serve the people of Syria.

End of the transcript.

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