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Phosphate Processing Plant in Tadmor Rebuilt and Resumes Production

Syria Phosphate Processing Plant in Tadmor Palmyra

The phosphate drying and concentration plant in Tadmor (Palmyra), central Syria, has been rehabilitated and resumed production.

The plant was destroyed by US-sponsored terrorists within the US plot to destroy Syria under its publicly announced plan to force export ‘democracy’ to Levant country with no interest at all for the US citizens nor the US taxpayers footing the bills for these enormous US global interventions.

The video is also available on BitChute.

Phosphate is one of Syria’s main riches and the country was a leading exporter of high-quality phosphate prior to the US-orchestrated ‘Arab Spring’.

After cleaning Tadmor from the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists, the Syrian state signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Crimea in January 2019 for trading a host of goods, produce, and minerals including exporting Syrian phosphate to the Crimean Titan factory which was specifically built to receive the Syrian phosphate to produce fertilizers.

The General Organization of Geology and Mineral Resources, a Syrian public company, manages and operates the phosphate processing plant and its cadres were able to carry out the rehabilitation of the plant despite the enormous pressure from US-sponsored terrorist groups and despite the US and EU blockade imposed on the Syrian people to push them into displacement and migration to Europe among other destinations.


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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The US is built on the skulls of a civilization by enslaving other civilizations and that’s the only lifestyle they know, despite tens of millions of immigrants from established civilizations who went to the USA, the dominant race there, the parasites, will prevail and continue destroying others around the world.


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