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Syrian Local Cadres Restore More Oil and Gas Wells in Tadmor (Palmyra)

Syrian Petroleum Company SPC restoring oil and gas wells destroyed by terrorists in Tadmor Palmyra plains

The Syrian Petroleum Company SPC managed with its local cadres to restore more oil and gas wells in the Eastern Tadmor (Palmyra) plains which were destroyed by the US-led War of Terror on the country, mainly by its ISIS proxy.

Despite the unprecedented draconian sanctions and blockade by the fake hypocrite humanitarian bastards in the west on the Syrian people, workers at the Syrian Petroleum Company managed to develop their own skills and expertise reviving machinery that was not stolen by Turkey and are rehabilitating oil and gas wells and putting it back to service in areas cleaned from NATO terrorists by the Syrian Arab Army with the help of its allies.

An additional 25,000 barrels of oil a day and 15 million cubic meters of gas currently added from the wells restored in the eastern plains of Tadmor (Palmyra).

The following video report by the Syrian News Agency SANA covers the latest achievement from one of the fields – with English captions, English transcript translation below the video:

Video also available on BitChute:

English transcript of video report:

With the experience of national cadres, the Directorate of the Central Region Wells of the Syrian Petroleum Company completed the rehabilitation of well 2 east of Arak and put it into service, in parallel with the continuation of work on the rehabilitation of oil wells in the Tadmor (Palmyra) plains (Badia) damaged by attacks by ISIS terrorists before they were defeated in the area by the Syrian Arab Army.

Engineer Salman Ghareeb – Manager of Central Wells:
The directive was to open a work front for the Directorate of Wells of the Central Region in the Badia and East Palmyra, in Arak, Hail and Sokhna. The instructions were to repair the wells damaged by the terrorist groups where the Directorate of Central Wells sent technicians and equipment to rehabilitate these wells.

Two repair dredgers were sent to the area, where it repaired the East Arak 2 well, with 150,000 cubic meters of production added to the production network, currently, there are two oil dredgers, one on the well of Al Hail 24 and one on Arak 21, which is currently undergoing repairs.

The Directorate of Central Fields drilled many wells and the introduction of quantities of gas and oil to supply the network and support economic facilities such as power plants and fertilizer plants and others, with a good amount of gas up to about 15 million cubic meters of gas current production and about 25 thousand barrels of oil from the eastern regions of Wadi Obeid, Kharrata, Mahash and revolution field.

Nizar Omran – Supervisor of the gas well drilling dredger Arak:
You are now in the site of 21 Arak on the production dredger which is repairing the well where the Central Region Directorate to provide all the necessary needs for the drilling to put the production of the Gas Well 21 in production and secure the needs of the country and the increasing need of people in the winter.

End of English transcript.

The United States of America and its European lackeys and regional stooges waged an all-out War of Terror against the Syrian people, the war resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, more maimed, much more displaced, and an entire population suffering just to secure the establishment of a Jewish state on more occupied Arab land to serve as per their own ideology as the stage of the kingdom of the anti-Christ.

There’s no interest at all for the US, the EU, or any of the regional nations, or any of the citizens in all of these countries in this war, on the contrary, it came at a very high cost for everybody that the most remote person in the furthest town anywhere in the USA itself has an additional debt on their burden, had their cost of living increase exponentially, and all in vain at the end to please a group of few influential persons in control of the decision making posts in the US.

Unfortunately, the US and its lackeys and stooges continue their sanctions and blockade on the Syrian people impeding their efforts to rebuild their country and hindering the work to return millions of Syrian refugees back home. The US and its servants think they can achieve with their Economic Terrorism what they failed to achieve in their War of Terror with the largest terror army in the world, the Syrians and civilized countries that came late to their rescue managed to defeat.

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