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Breaking: Syrian Army Entered Ayn al-Arab at the Borders with Turkey

SAA Syrian Arab Army deploys in Ayn Al Arab Kobani at Turkish Borders

The Syrian Arab Army is deploying at Ayn Al-Arab, the tip of the Syrian northern borders with Turkey, its vanguards arriving in Raqqa, the city which USA obliterated deliberately and claimed it liberated it from its own ISIS terrorists.

Ayn Al Arab is in Aleppo’s northeastern countryside 30 kilometers east of Euphrates River and 125 kilometers northeast of Aleppo. The arrival of the SAA in this city cuts Erdogan’s plan to create his borders-long so-called ‘Safe Zone’ where he wanted to Israelize the presumed region by replacing the people of the border cities and towns with anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists loyal to him from Al-Qaeda FSA groups and their affiliates of ISIS, Turkmens, and Uighur.

The city of Ayn Al-Arab is in the center of the presumed zone, and with the SAA entering the city of Raqqa the ‘East of Euphrates’ NATO criminals Trump and Erdogan was also the area the Kurds wanted to Israelize as well because it’s rich with oil, gas, water, and rich agriculture land. Now the SAA moved ‘East of Euphrates’ 30 kilometers east.

The Syrian state during 8.5 years was fighting on over 400 open fronts the world’s most vicious human garbage sponsored by the world’s superpowers spearheaded by the USA and its two United Nations Security Council and NATO lackeys Britain and France, and the world’s super-rich like the Gulfies, Germany, and others. This is the first time in 5 years it enters its Raqqa Province.

Kurdish separatist Kurdish SDF militias who occupied Ayn Al Arab renamed it to Kobane after the name of a German railway company that existed there early last century.

Erdogan is due in Moscow on October 22nd, after receiving the US vice president Pence and his delegation within 24 hours, who is coming to Turkey under Trump’s threats of destroying the country’s economy if they cannot forge an agreement or redraw the limits of the Erdogan forces invasions of northern Syria. The US might be withdrawing its troops from parts of the country it occupied terrorized with all sorts of criminal tactics and tried to divide into cantons based on sectarian and ethnic lines, will not leave easily without trying to gain any political achievement, it’ll be interesting to see how Erdogan will get out of the mess he put himself in and dragged his country to.

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  1. Paul Bonfil

    What a joke! The Syrian Army is defending its Borders from a Turkish Invasion of its Country!? The Kurds chose to side with the USA and trusted them?? The Idiot Turks that elected Erdogan that knew the USA organised a Coupe to over throw his corrupt Government is now turning on the Kurds that backed the wrong side!!?? Come on Russia grow a pair & bomb the shit out of the Turk Invaders!! The UN is a puppet of the US & NATO is a Fascist criminal organisation!

    • Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

      Russia it self currently under control of chabad lubavitch organization. Putin liсks Berel Lazar’s boots and kissing Netanyahu’s ass.

    • falcemartello

      @Paul Bonfil
      Don’t u get it ????? That’s what the masters of the universe want a full blown war. The fiat ponzi money schemm has gone pair shaped zirp interest rates have gone into negative territory 300 trillion dollars of global debt floating around these pezzi di merda need a war . The slavs don’t biter the Chinese don’t bite and voila the end of the anglo-zionist empire. RIP

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