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Locals Receiving SAA Units Coming to Protect them in Tal Tamr, Hasakah

Locals welcoming SAA units entering Tal Tamr in Hasakah Province northeast Syria

Syrians in towns threatened by the Turkish pariah Erdogan’s invasion of north and northeast of Syria has breathed some relief when the Syrian leadership gave instructions to the SAA to mobilize north to protect the civilians.

After years of living under NATO terrorists of ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, and SDF, this is how the locals received the advancing Syrian Arab Army units in the town of Tal Tamr, Hasakah province, northeast Syria, video report by Lebanese Al-Mayadeen News channel from Tal Tamr:

Video also available on BitChute:

Nobody knows who are the real heroes and who are the terrorists and criminals than the people who lived it firsthand and those who suffered most, lived in horror for years and had their loved ones slaughtered in front of their own eyes.

The Syrian Arab Army was ordered by President Assad, its Commander in Chief, to mobilize north at high speed and protect the civilians at all costs when the Trump – Erdogan illegal agreement was reached to allow Erdogan invade parts of Syria and settle his loyal thugs from the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in place of the people who would be evicted or exterminated after Turkey Israelize their land.

The orders, as per informed resources, were to reach the borders and clean the last inch at all costs even if it would mean a regional war with Turkey and the US forces, and naturally Kurdish SDF separatist militia would be crushed by the SAA. This explains the swift move by Russia and Iran to pressure Turkey into direct talks between its ‘intelligence’, defense, and foreign ministry with the Syrian intelligence, defense, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also explains the swift mobilization of Russian Military Police to create a buffer zone in front of the advancing SAA units.

Russian special envoy to Syria was quoted saying: Russia will not allow a direct confrontation between the Syrian Army and that of Turkey. Later he was quoted that Erdogan promised to withdraw his troops once the operation finishes. Let’s hope the Russians do not base their policies, especially in regards to Syria, on Erdogan’s promises.

These people do not take their news from Pentagon mainstream media propagandists, they watch news live with their own eyes, they can’t be fooled and they can’t fake the sincere emotions we’re seeing. Unlike the White Helmets (al-Qaeda’s propaganda agents) staged videos who had western experts training them and are backed by the UK, France, and the USA, to name a few. These people do not have special effects makeup artists or expensive cameras. You can watch the real joy in their eyes, you can even live their feelings when watching them, if you have a clean heart.

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