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Syrian Arab Army in Manbij, Residents Rejoice

SAA Syrian Arab Army in control of Manbij - Aleppo Eastern Countryside

Despite all the threats and against all odds the Syrian Arab Army entered the city of Manbij in northern Aleppo countryside, residents met the SAA vanguard units on the streets with celebrations.

Madman Erdogan, the head of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood regime of Turkey, threatened to combat the Syrian Arab Army if they go near Manbij and that his terrorists in uniform and in plain cloth (Nusra Front – FSA) will enter the city executing an illegal agreement between him and his boss in the ‘White’ House.

The Syrian leadership’s determination to restore all of the country until the last inch is being translated on the ground especially after the separatist Kurdish SDF militias were left behind by their employers to face waves of suicide human garbage of Nusra Front and other FSA terrorist groups.

Residents in Manbij rushed to the streets welcoming their hope of rescue from the madman Erdogan known for his crimes against humanity, for the Syrian residents if the world is still deliberately blind.

The strategic location of Manbij on the road between Aleppo through Al-Bab towards Ain Eissa (Ein Eissa) to Al-Raqqah makes the entry of the Syrian Arab Army to this area of extreme importance turning NATO’s dream in this region into a nightmare. The city of Manbij is about 25 – 30 kilometers from the borders with Erdoganstan (Formerly Turkey).

SAA continued its march and entered Al-Sultaniyah village southeast of Manbij where remnants of Kurdish separatist SDF militias fired live rounds to disperse the residents who came out to welcome the SAA despite their leaders signing the agreement with the Army and against the instructions from their own so-called ‘Military Council’.

Manbij was a main advanced post for US occupation forces that fled it to allow a Turkish invasion and the Syrian Arab Army now shot their dream dead right there.

Both Turkey, Kurds, and their employers are seeing their plots to Israelize northern Syria fall apart.

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