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Erdogan’s Agreement to a Ceasefire Does Not Include a Ceasefire!

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The agreement between the Turkish pariah Erdogan and his US instructors for a ceasefire didn’t stop Erdogan forces in uniforms and plain cloth from bombing and occupying a number of new villages northeast of Syria.

The Turkish regime forces continue their aggression on Syrian territory, reports of reinforcements and heavy machinery arrived to al-Qaeda mercenaries of the Turkish regime in Ras Al-Ain where renewed clashes within the city’s neighborhoods between them and disbanded Kurdish SDF groups.

The American occupation forces, in turn, transferred five women from the ISIS detention camps in Adnaniya village, Malikiyah countryside to Iraq. It also transferred 230 foreign ISIS terrorists from al-Malikiyah prison to al-Shadadi prison in al-Hasakah countryside.

The Turkish aggression continues on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic despite the announcement of the ceasefire agreement between the US Vice President and the head of the Turkish regime, the Turkish regime has not committed itself to stop the aggression, as what is been the case with this Muslim Brotherhood run regime in each agreement they committed themselves to.

The aggression continues and the occupation of new villages in the countryside of Ras al-Ain, among these villages occupied by the Turkish regime are Shukriyeh, Mubarakeh, Bab al-Khair, and Al-Safeh, thus, Tal Tamr road was cut off from Ras Al Ain by occupying these villages.

Also now clashes are taking place inside the city of Ras al-Ain between disbanded SDF groups and Al-Qaeda terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan, local sources reported that the mercenaries of the Turkish regime brought new reinforcements to the city of Ras al-Ain.

ِAbove Google Map with the marker on Ras Al-Ayn which Google changed its name to ‘Sari Kani’ within their part to fake reality in Syria.

Yesterday there was a targeting of the Turkish regime’s air force on a number of villages in the countryside of Ras Al Ain, there were 18 reported killed and several others injured as a result of this bombing.

Turkish bombing also deliberately targeted a number of churches and places of worship within the city of Ras Al Ain and targeting of the infrastructure, including the hospital of Ras Al Ain, these bombings continue after the announcement of the cessation of aggression agreed between Pence and Erdogan.

An apologist for Erdogan claimed that the ceasefire agreement reached between Erdogan and the USA does not stop Erdogan forces from occupying new villages and towns evacuated by the US and SDF forces!

Meanwhile, an advisor to Erdogan repeated their Orwellian mantra that ‘if the Syrian Arab Army advances in places evicted by the US forces in northern Syria, it means a declaration of war against Turkey.’……..!

ٍSyrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad emphasized to a visiting Russian delegation the need to focus on ending the Turkish aggression and the illegal occupation of Syrian territories by the US and Erdogan forces. The Russian delegation came to Syria to pressure the Syrian leadership to ease tensions in the face of Erdogan’s aggression.

Mr. Putin still thinks he can trust Erdogan in a deal that would include the withdrawal of Erdogan forces from northern Syria, while the latter continues to slaughter Syrian civilians and breach Syria’s sovereignty.

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  1. falcemartello

    The Russians have startyegical /geo political and economic interest with regards to the Turks.
    Punto Uno: Gas pipelione
    Punto Due: Turks are backing the Takfiris
    Punto Tre: Turks have circa 3 million displaced Syrians
    Conclusion: The Damascus government needs to get the displaced people back into the country and has to make a deal with the devil (never trust the turks Erdoghan) for a political settlement with the the takfiris and disarm them.While at the same time putting the Kurds of which there are only circa 3 million of them in there place and restore SAA military around the northern border and re secure all the farm and natural oil and gas back to the riteful owners The sovereign state of the Syrian Arab Republic
    In shah Allah


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