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Syria: UN’s Moderate Terrorists on Bombing Spree

Grand Umayyad Mosque

by Miri Wood

While the mafioso clique of the UN’s P3 — France, UK, US — scream over Syria defending itself from terrorists funded and armed by the P3 countries, the human beasts have been busy with their moderate rocket shells, in their rebelious murder and destruction, 11 October.

Terrorists launched rocket shells onto That al Nitaqain basic education school (grades 1-4) in Daraa.  Two girls were immediately killed.  Three children and one adult later succumbed to their injuries.  Among the 20 others wounded, the death toll is expected to increase, due to the severity of the traumas.

Syrian children receiving care after their primary school was bombed
Syrian children receiving care after their primary school was bombed.  Courtesy SANA

Residential homes were also bombed by these ‘freedom fighters,’ causing one death, and significant material damage to homes and small businesses.

In Damascus city, 30 persons were injured by moderate rocket shells, in residential neighborhoods.  Five civilians were injured by a missile that landed in the Grand Umayyad Mosque.

Fifteen persons were injured by missiles fired in Umawyeen Square, near the entrance to the Damascus Opera House.  These missiles were fired into the crowds attending the Rain Bow Festival.

Five persons were wounded when missiles landed behind the French Hospital in al Qasa’a neighborhood, eastern Ghouta (Damascus countryside).

Missiles, mortars, shells, and rockets are primitive, imprecise, surface to surface bombs.  They are lethal. They kill human beings. They destroy buildings.

It is irrelevant which nom du jour the takfiri claiming responsibility for these atrocities, is using.  The savagery against the Syrian people has been ongoing since the beginning of the crisis, almost 6 years ago, when all of the barbarians called themselves “FSA,” and the west shamelessly called them “rebels,” and brayed about an “Arab spring.”  What is verdant, ‘revolutionary,’ about murdering children in their classrooms, baking people in ovens, grilling the heads of decapitated soldiers, blowing up beautiful architecture, turning hospitals into rubble?

it is enough to be a fool

That the UN is a place which destroys peace, destroys countries, should not be too much of a surprise; it is, after all, an extension of the imperialist League of Nations.  That our well-paid politicians and diplomats are mostly war criminals, and that our journalists are also paid well to propagandize for perpetual war, are to be expected.

What is, however, the excuse for anyone not on the rabid war dog payroll, to believe the lies of these killers, after almost 6 years?

Please look at the photo of the Grand Umayyad Mosque, and ask yourselves why there are no reports on missiles being launched against it.

Ask yourselves what would be headline news, had terrorists fired missiles into the Courtyard of the Vatican, and wounded five persons.

It is long past time to end the terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people.

Nota bene:

In a retrospective perverse irony, AP once attempted to malign the Damascus Opera House as “a potent symbol of the Assad family’s decades-long authoritarian rule over Syria.”  No mention was made of the previous French occupation of Syria, nor of the immense, potent beauty of this opera house.



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