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Syria to Acquire Iranian Air Defense Systems, Iranian News Site

Syria to Acquire Iranian Air Defense Systems

Syria is in talks with Iran to acquire Iranian air defense systems, in particular the Iranian Sayyad 2 missiles, this comes after the latest Israeli war crime bombing residential neighborhoods in the Syrian capital Damascus and the repeated failures of the Russian air defense systems used by Syria to protect its air space.

The issue of air defense cooperation between Syria and Iran was discussed during a visit paid by Major General Salahuddin Kaser Al-Ghanem, Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense in Syria to the Iranian capital Tehran and the meetings he held with his Iranian counterparts including a meeting held with the Iranian Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces of Brigadier General Ashtiani.

Iranian news agency Tasnim News said that the Iranian minister of defense vowed to help strengthen Syria’s defenses in the wake of the brazen Israeli bombings after the extended years of the war of terror led by the USA and its plethora of terrorist groups and NATO armies against the Syrian people.

Tasnim News quoted the Iranian defense minister:

We consider it important to strengthen Syria’s defense base in order to maintain and improve deterrence power against threats and to establish stability and security in the region.

The Iranian minister praised the Syrian armed forces for their resilience and heroism in facing all sorts of terror over the past 12 years and the sacrifices made by the Syrian people and their armed forces in this regard.

Another top Syrian military delegation visited Iran on the 23rd of January and was headed by Minister of Defense Ali Mahmoud Abbas who held a meeting with the Iranian Chief of Staff Muhammad Baqiri, the two parties discussed various ways to enhance the military cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries in order to stabilize the region from the relentless efforts to destabilize it by the USA and its regional stooges.

In a separate tweet, Tasnim News showed photos of Sayyad 2 air defense missiles used in the Som Kherdad air defense system adding that it will be delivered to Syria:

Syria has been a long-standing and loyal military partner with Russia, however, the Russian political leadership seems to weigh the security and freehand of Israel to commit war crimes against the Syrian people as more important than this partnership with Syria, which is quite astonishing considering the views of the Russian military brass to the special importance of the relations they have with their Syrian counterparts and the highest strategical role Syria had played and continue to play in defending Russia’s own national security even by Mr. Putin’s own words.

Mr. Putin has repeatedly justified joining the war on terror in Syria by accurately explaining ‘if we do not fight the terrorists there (in Syria), we will need to fight them on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersberg.’ (Click here for an example on what Mr. Putin was referring to.)

Withholding the delivery of the S300 air defense systems Syria bought from Russia in the year 2010 upon request from Israel was a shock to Syrian observers, taking into consideration that Syria has warned the Russians of a plot to isolate their economy by the USA and its minion by extending a gas pipeline system from Qatar to Europe through Syria which the Syria leadership rejected as such a pipeline would starve both Russian and Iranian vulnerable economies back in 2007 when the offer was made to Syria which also came with a very sweet deal of tens of billions of dollars of investment and turning Syria into the gas hub for this part of the world.

15 years later, Russia turns Erdogan’s NATO Turkey into the gas hub for the whole region, the man who played the essential role in the US-led war of terrorism against Syria and who wreaked havoc across the Muslim world including the ‘Green Belt’ surrounding Russia!

President Bashar Assad offered instead his Five Seas Initiative to see the creation of a major economic block that shores the seas of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf, with the countries in this region benefiting from their massive wealth in their inter-trade between themselves and their intra-trade with countries outside this economic zone.

Holding back the S300 air defense systems by the Russian political leadership left Syria vulnerable to the US-led coalitions of evil and the repeated Israeli strikes, the NATO two bombings of Syria, and the US Army’s free moving within Syria’s air space and the bombing of the Syrian Arab Army whenever it’s combating ISIS, the US’s most effective proxy terrorist group, ‘beside Israel’.

Even when Russia decided to deliver its S300 air defense systems to Syria after Israel used a Russian recon IL20 plane as human shields to bomb the Syrian coast which led to the massacre of 15 Russian servicemen on board that plane by an outdated Syrian S200 heat-seeking missile that was attracted to the larger bird when it was pointed at the Israeli fighter jets, the Russians continue to hold back Syria’s hands by not making the S300 operational in Syria.

After each Israeli bombing of Syria, the Syrians ask about the Russian response for being a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Syria’s main weapons provider, and who maintains strong economic and other relations with Israel. And after it became known that Russia has a coordinating agreement with Israel over Syria’s skies, the Syrians started to ask about the Russian role in these Israeli criminal attacks which they cannot find an answer from the Russian political leaders.

The very shy statements of condemnation by the Russian ministry of foreign affairs do not help answer the growing doubts among the Syrian people. These statements have become like a template and all the Russian ministry of foreign affairs needs to do is replace the name of the targets and the date:

Russian ministry of foreign affairs statements condemning Israeli bombing of Syria - google search
The first results of a Google search and each one pertains to a separate Israeli bombing of Syria!

In our post covering Israel’s latest war crime bombing of Damascus’s residential neighborhoods, we emphasized the need for Syria to diversify its air defense capabilities, even to build its own systems aside from what it has acquired from Russia, taking into consideration the failure of the Russian air defense systems in repelling the Israeli missiles.

We, as Syrian observers, might not be grand chess players like the Russian political leadership, but the equation of 1 plus 1 equals 2 is very difficult to overlook in this regard.

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  1. WPS LOL Admin

    Syria has run out of patience, it is tired of the constant Israeli bombing (among other things on civilians and on an important city like Damascus where most of the Syrian economy is concentrated), Russia does not want to bother its other ally and Syria cannot trust Russia 100%, so I think that the possible replacement of the anti-missile defense systems will further favor Iranian influence in the region, given that Syria cannot even count on the too short-sighted international community that he will never do anything against the chosen people.

    • M.Ini

      Yes these is good news, the Russian government chose not to bother the Jews because Russia has many Jewish citizens (a mistake IMHO), but Syria needs to be able to defend its land from Israel’s attacks, being the “international community” totally ABSENT when it is about crimes committed by the NWO cabal. Only one detail: you forgot quotation marks, “the chosen people”. That psycho-BS was invented by some of them who thus positioned the Jews who mind that psycho-BS against all non-Jews (defined cattle or donkeys), actually making observing Jews a lethal threat to the rest of humanity (which is not humanity anyways, according to their psycho-BS doctrine). Plenty of other Jews criticize their supremacist ideology (and some even affirm that they will always stay on the side of the oppressed, pro human rights), but the ones who adhere to it really are becoming more and more openly aggressive, manipulated by the “√©lite” who breed them as sociopaths, so they serve the fulfillment of extremely sick, twisted supremacist plans.

  2. Roy

    Just like the Vatican is filled with Israeli operatives so is Russia and you can be sure that even if Syria did receive Russian defense systems Isreal would receive the info on how to defeat them.

  3. a.hall

    Russia has Naval and Air Bases in Latakia ;their Only Warm Water Ports except the Crimea in the Black Sea; which can be Blocked by NATO Ally, Turkeys Bosphorus. Russia used its Bases in Latakia to help defeat ISIS and Al Nusra in Syria. Syria needs Irans Weapons and Technology to check Israels and Americas Theft of Syrias Oil and Wheat.


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