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Arab Parliamentary Calls on Returning Syria to the Arab League

Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference- Baghdad

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference called on the return of Syria to the Arab League in its conference that started in Baghdad today, the 25th of February 2023.

Headed by the Iraqi Parliament speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi, the 43rd Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union conference showed solidarity with Syria, and also called on the US-led collective of western countries to lift their illegal unilateral coercive measures – dubbed sanctions on Syria.

Mr. Al-Halbousi announced the formation of a delegation from the Union to visit Syria and offer the support needed in the wake of the latest devastating natural earthquake disaster, and the 12 years-long manmade inflicted war disaster on the Syrian people.

Syria is represented in the conference by its Parliament Speaker Hammoda Sabbagh, his speech and interactions at the conference are detailed by the Syrian News Agency SANA in its report – Click Here.

Syria’s membership in the Arab Leagues was unlawfully suspended by the Qatari-led Gulfies block in 2012 despite Syria being an establishing member state of the Arab League when Qatar and the rest of the Gulfies were not even on the political map.

The suspension of Syria’s membership in the Arab League also failed to meet the requirement of the approval of other member states, some states opposed and others rejected it, those include Lebanon, Algeria, and Iraq.

The irony about the Arab Parliamentarians conference is that Qatar and Saudi Arabia who led the war of terror on Syria in the Arab world under the instructions of the United States of America, do not have parliaments, do not have constitutions, and do not have any opposition parties, Syria’s parliament was established in 1919 for its first time with the current parliament, the People’s Assembly of Syria has 8 different active political parties, that is 4 times what the USA pushing for democracy in Syria has in its Congress!

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  1. Roy

    The Saudis leadership is basically of Judaic descent, that’s why they dish out the sort of harsh punishments that they do for even the smallest infractions; very much the same as in America, as we are inflicted with the same sort of diseased leadership.

  2. WPS LOL Admin

    No Arab league, Syria are traitors better if it creates a new league with Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Mediterranean countries that would like to leave the Arab League and the EU


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