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Security Forces in Lebanon Arrest an ISIS Recruiting Cell

image-Security Forces in Lebanon Arrest an ISIS Recruiting Cell

Security forces in Lebanon have arrested a terrorist cell recruiting fighters for ISIS and smuggling them into battle zones inside Syria.

Lebanon was the main hot bed for sending terrorists into Syria since the beginning of the crisis, alongside Turkey which took a larger role under Erdogan’s full dictatorship there.

The new cell arrested a 22 years old Lebanese citizen and a 32 years old Syrian resident in Lebanon after intensive monitoring. The Lebanese confessed he was smuggled illegally to Syria by an active smugglers group working for ISIS between Wadi Khaled in North Lebanon and Hama Northern Countryside in Syria.

‘I was supposed to join ISIS fighters in Raqqa but due to the ongoing battles between Syrian Army and allies there and the ISIS group I was sent back to Lebanon awaiting further instructions’, the Lebanese suspect told his investigators. Raqqa is the capital of ISIS as declared by the Gulfies funded terrorist organization.

‘We were supposed to join ISIS and I was waiting for one of the (ISIS) organization’s cadres residing in a European country to transfer money for us to pay for our movements’, said the Syrian suspect in his confession.

The Lebanese security forces followed the lines of the confessions of both arrested and managed to identify the logistic net working for ISIS in the Wadi Khaled region in Lebanon and two more Syrian residents were arrested last Thursday 10 August 2017.

One of the newly arrested confessed to being in contact with an ISIS commander in Raqqa city who instructed him to cooperate with the other suspect working as cross-border smuggler and was arrested with him. The arrested smuggler detailed his large group of smugglers operating in illegal smuggling between Homs and other Syrian provinces facilitating the movements of ISIS recruits. Many recruits have joined ISIS through this network via a ‘safe road’ from Wadi Khaled into Homs and then to Hama northern countryside where many reception houses of ISIS exist.

Later the recruits would join training camps in Der Ezzor and Hama Eastern Countryside, namely in Oqairbat. ISIS facilities in Oqairbat town are among the main targets of the Syrian and Russian air forces in recent months, to the continuous cries of the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ in the West and their regional stooges.

Lebanese government under Saudi’s appointed Saad Hariri insist on not cooperating with the Syrian state to counter terror, for no good reason, thus depriving the people in both countries the ability to combat and eliminate terror. Previously the Syrian Arab Army assisted the Lebanese Army on several occasions in fighting the terrorist groups inside Lebanon after Lebanon’s assumed ‘international partners’ failed it purposedly.

Due to the close relationships between Saudi and the Hariri bloc in Lebanon known formerly as the 14th March Bloc, groups of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists has flourished in Lebanon and caused mayhem, destruction, deaths and fear among the civilians in this tiny country.

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