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Wahhabis Revenge from Civilians in Lebanese Tripoli

Tripoli city north of Lebanon

The anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists in Lebanon attacked an Alawite dominated poor district in Tripoli, north of the country, as a revenge for Syrian Arab Army advance against their brethren all over Syria and especially in Qalamon mountains. The attack at the dense of the night resulted in 4 killed and at least 27 injured, media sources reporting.

The Wahhabi revenge was anticipated while Lebanese Army under instructions from Lebanese president Michelle Suleiman and the undertaker government of Najib Miqati decided to ‘distance themselves’ from assisting the Syrian people and instead assisted terrorist groups under instructions from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Tripoli city north of Lebanon
Tripoli city north of Lebanon

Heavy machine-guns were used throughout the night 24 – 25 October turning the city into a horror place while the Lebanese Army are struggling hard to enter the city to enforce a truce of course and not to arrest the terrorists or hold their enablers accountable. Wahhabi terrorists have thrived in Lebanon during the Syrian Crisis as the tiny neighbor of Syria was turned into a hub to smuggle imported radical fanatic and satanic suicide bombers from all over the world and weapons coming in ships and airplanes like the confiscated ship held in an illegal port near Tripoli last year, the Lutfallah 2, coming from NATO occupied Libya.

Following video clip recorded by a citizen in the city in the night shows the volume of horror civilians had to endure (watch on YouTube):

Wahhabi Alqaeda FSA terrorists set training camps in all neighboring countries of Syria in order to ‘revolt against the Syrian people’, by an imposed revolution the Syrians never wanted. Intelligence and army officers from a host of NATO member states and regional powers like the Saudis, Qataris, Turks and even Israelis have taken on their shoulders the task of training these terrorists and facilitating their work.

Last June a fierce battle was fought by the Lebanese Army in Saidon (Saida) south of Lebanon against a group of Wahhabi terrorists led by fugitive cleric Ahmad Assir, a large number of Lebanese soldiers were killed and injured in the battle. Other numbers of Lebanese Army soldiers were killed in ambushes in Arsal near the Qalamon mountains border area and in the north near Akkar as well.

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