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OPCW Pimps Deep State alQaeda in Syria, Again

OPCW continues corruption

OPCW, the faux-independent chemical weapons watchdog gang, again reaffirmed its subservience to the deep state and the deep state’s al-Qaeda terrorist operations in Syria. On 16 May, it secreted yet another shifty, nasty, disingenuous ‘report’ on its fake findings related to Saraqib, on 4 February, this year. Terrorists — including various NGOs — claimed a chemical attack (one in a list of infinite claims) on that date. In its short emission, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons again did the impossible, stating that its FFM “confirms likely.” It is absurd that geopolitical dementia requires the sane to offer the accurate definition of the word, “confirm”:  to establish the truth, accuracy, validity or genuineness of; corroborate; verify. That which is “seeming,” “apparent,” or “probable” cannot be “confirmed.”

OPCW fraudulent report of 16 May 2018.


Does anyone imagine scientists don’t know the meaning of “confirm”?

Media mothers of war pimps, Reuters and AP, were among the first to jump in to circulate the OPCW fraudulent report; USA Today even published an outright lie for its headline on its AP article.


OPCW report not criminal enough; USA Today enhanced it with a total lie.

OPCW forfeited all claim to legitimacy in its deceitful report on Khan Sheikhoun. In that gem, this impartial gang of ‘scientists’ admitted no investigators actually went to this town in Idlib because the Nusra terrorists were too dangerous to be trusted…though the takfiris’ verbal reports were considered gospel, their physical ‘forensics’ with no chain of custody was accepted as manna from the heavens. Additionally, when Tony Blair’s pal Antonio Guterres submitted the report to the UNSC, he blatantly lied that “the OPCW fact-finding mission [originated] in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

Guterres intro letter said the report came from the Syrian Arab Republic, though OPCW stated too dangerous for investigators to enter Khan Sheikhoun.

This 16 May report was so small an emission as to appear to be a prelude to its anti-Syria “background” propaganda. Nonetheless, it managed to continue its ongoing chicanery; its use of the Latin legalese inter alia suggests an attempt to intimidate the reader into blind acceptance, and to inference that the OPCW actually did an on-the-ground investigation in Saraqib (still in Idlib governate, still occupied by Nusra savages who are still on the US/EU/UN terrorists list).  Inter alia simply means “among other things.” Among the among other things were terrorist “witness testimony,” terrorists reputedly handing over “environmental samples” — without that essential-in-science forensic chain of custody — and terrorists reports of “numbers of patients at [terrorists claimed] medical facilities…who showed signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to chlorine and other chemical substances [according to what the terrorists told OPCW ”investigators” not in Saraqib].”

Again, even if investigators had been on the ground on 4 February 2018, “consistent with” does not confirm, and adding other, unnamed “chemical substances” to the storyline erases even pretense of legitimacy; most outrageous an shameless in impunity is the alchemist suggestion there exists a combo GB/chlorine chemical weapon.

The corruption of the OPCW likely predates the crisis inflicted upon Syria. On 12 May, Moon of Alabama reminded its readers that in 2002, John Bolton threatened Jose Bustani’s children, and gave him the message that “Cheney wants you out.”

The old proverb, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen” should apply to all politicians & other criminals against peace who diligently work to destroy entire countries for the now globalist military industrial complex. The lives of your children are not worth more than the lives of the children of those you murder, or permit to be murdered.

Recently, Syrian Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari quoted a Nobel Laureate on lying. Though he was speaking of the Mafiosi who run the UN, these words are applicable to the lying NGOs, to the lying media, and to the lying OPCW.  The impunity of lying has become a degenerate new form of art, which grows exponentially.

H.E. al Jaafari quoting Egyptian Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz to the rabid & deaf UN hyenas

Given the massive bombardment of criminal lies against Syria from virtually all media and all imperialist world leaders, a few screengrabs may be useful in replacing amnesia and lunacy with refreshed memory and sanity.

Without smarmy impunity, how could the OPCW manage to lie about GB in Khan Sheikhoun, with photos and video coverage showing the fake responders all having natural immunity to one of the most deadly neurotoxins ever developed?

Nusra White Helmets fraud responders & ‘Skirpal poisonings’ responders.

In 1999, The Guardian reported that the British military — and the US — had tested nerve gases on its citizens.

UK & US tested deadly weapons on citizenry; no leader brought to The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity, though.

Back in 2003, CNN actually published a blurb about Syria introducing a UN resolution to make all of the region free of WMDs.

Syria wanted to make the region WMD-free. Its resolution continues to gather dust at the rabid hyena park called the UN.

In 2013, Mail Online actually reported that the US had backed a plan to launch a chemical weapons attack on Syria and blame it on Syria. This report ended up being shredded in the Orwellian memory hole but preserved as an archive. Similarly, American terrorist/illegal VanDyke wrote from Syria that the “moderates” of the FSA had CWs and was prepared to use them in Aleppo, to be blamed on “Assad.”

US/UK/France imperialist leaders bombed Syria last month, for al-Qaeda in Douma.

In December 2016, the Syrian Arab Army found toxic materials sent to the takfiri in Aleppo, from Germany, under the guise of UN humanitarian aid. Germany has also sent weapons to the savage al-Qaeda operatives in Syria, and colonialist Angela Merkel seems to prefer ISIS to President Bashar al Assad, elected by the Syrian people.

Toxic materials, from Germany to al-Qaeda in Syria, with love.

As recently as 2 February, even Mad Dog Mattis stated that the US had zero evidence of GB or other chemical weapons use by Syria, against Syria, but that America’s war whores were still looking.


For almost 6 months, the bully-whores of the media have been attacking the minority of independent journalists who support Syria, as conspiracy theorists. Once proven, a theory ceases, becoming fact. That the international conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic is unprecedented in history, has been proven, again and again.

The new and rancidly fetid report by the OPCW continues to prove this heinous conspiracy. What sane individual could have imagined that this Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons would have become a blatant press liaison for al-Qaeda savages in Syria?

Within the next 24 hours, we shall see if the OPCW lying report is made to go viral.  If it does, the above report should be used as the antidote for these poisonous lies.

Miri Wood, RNc

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  1. ian seed

    I recognised the wit and prose from an article I read 6 months ago, checked the name and it was indeed Miri Wood, like the other article. I love reading Miri’s work. I will ensure I “stumble” across it more often in future. Thank you for exposing these criminals and charlatans and thank you for the brilliant writing.


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