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New Israeli Aggression against Syria Targeting Tadmor (Palmyra) this Time


New Israeli aggression with missiles against targets north of the historical and cultural city of Tadmor (Palmyra) just before midnight Damascus local time.

At around 2300 Damascene time, 20 April, Israel fired an undisclosed number of missiles on Tadmor (Palmyra), with an undisclosed number of them intercepted by Syria’s air defense system.

Some sources reported that the aggression targeted a Syrian Arab Army military base responsible of protecting the most valuable UNESCO city from ISIS and other US-backed terrorists working on disturbing the Baghdad – Damascus Highway.

Hours earlier, Netanyahu said the magic word that excites the State Department, Iran, arrogantly claiming that its non-existent “threats do not disappear during coronavirus,” and that his regime is “working more carefully than ever maintaining [its] security competence…”. For those who do not recognize the language of Orwell’s 1984, the Syrian Arab Republic is not in Iran, and neither country has bombed Israel.

Regional map shows the locations of Syria, Iran, and Zionist Israel.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not functioned as a deterrent in Israel’s ongoing war crimes against Syria, or the Palestinian people as well, on the account of the US taxpayers and endangering thousands of US troops in the region including those positioned illegally in Syria itself to loot the Syrian oil as what Donald Trump himself stated more than once.

The unindicted war criminal Netanyahu remains in office courtesy of the Trump regime interfering in Israeli elections by first illegally moving the US Embassy into Jerusalem, and then by signing illegally worthless paper ‘granting’ stolen and occupied Golan to the criminal European settlers.

Since Israel’s first announced case of COVID-19 on 21 February, the Netanyahu regime has criminally bombed Syria on 24 February, 5 March, and 31 March.

One hundred seventy-seven dead from COVID-19, almost 14,000 positive, over 1,300 in quarantine are of no concern to Netanyahu when there are war crimes to be perpetrated.

Syria News reminds our readers that the Netanyahu regime was al Qaeda’s first air force against Syria, and that Israel has provided ISIS with state of the art trauma care, on the occupied Golan and in Israeli hospitals.

When it comes to terrorists on the occupied Golan, Israel spares no US taxpayer expense in state of art medical care

Such aggression cannot be carried out without the full logistical support of the US illegal bases in Syria’s Tanf area and the bases now considered illegal in Iraq after the Iraqi parliament ordered Trump to withdraw his forces in the country earlier this year.

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Miri Wood

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  1. Tombo

    President Putin of Russia must make Turkey understand that Syria is a Sovereign nation and no Turkish forces backed by ISIS will be tolerated at all


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