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One More Case of COVID-19 in Syria and One more Death from the Virus

Syria - COVID-19 Coronavirus cases

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced that one more positive case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been recorded in the country bringing the total of positive cases reported to 39.

The ministry added that one of the previously registered positive cases has died, the total number of deaths reported in Syria from COVID-19 is now 3 cases.

Five cases have healed, as per the Syrian Ministry of Health, the final figure stands at 31 positive cases, all in quarantine in specially designated centers.

The first case of the virus was recorded by the Syrian Ministry of Health on the 22nd of March, the first death occurred on the 29th of the same month.

Syria has a very low number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases due to a number of factors, most importantly the authorities take the healthcare sector in the country with absolute seriousness, no hyping in figures and no panic spreading among the people. Another factor is attributed to the public following the government’s instructions which also came in timely and decisively after arranging for the basic needs of the population.

Syrians are hygiene freaks, being part of the oldest established continuous civilization in the world, in addition to the majority following the teachings of Islam, the Syrian people are very obsessed with their personal and environmental hygiene. Those in countries that received refugees can easily tell a Syrian among the hundreds of others by the clean looks and cloth. That’s why Syrians are watching with shock the new ‘trends’ in the west advising on washing hands and using toilet papers.

2,115 is the total number of persons who were placed in quarantine from 5 February until 17 April, 217 of them remain in quarantine as of now, the Syrian Ministry of Health stated.

The US and its European and regional stooges imposed a 9-year embargo, full blockade on the country topped with unprecedented draconian sanctions, this also helped to keep the number of cases at a very low rate thus far where movement into the country was very limited. The only negative effect comes from the border regions where Syria’s neighboring countries ruled by US stooges allow open borders for thousands of terrorists to move freely in and out, and the US taking advantage of their Kurdish militias allowing the entry of Trump forces into areas in the northeast of the country looting Syria’s oil together.

Complete hospitals and healthcare facilities have been designated to receive and care for all cases in a number of cities across the country, notably the Zabadani Hospital in Damascus countryside. Strict measures on the entry borders and ports of the country to scan and advise on handling the cases.

The Syrian healthcare authorities were praised by the World Health Organization which regional office works closely with the well experienced Syrian medical officials following the strict Syrian medical protocols and taking advantage of the success of China in containing the virus. China is one of Syria’s main allies in humanity and civilization.

Watch how precise and rigorous the Syrian forensics are even during real war times, and compare them with the hospitals you see in the USA during war times they inflict on others:

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