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Navalny Dies and NATO Nazi War Pimps around the World Mourn

Russian opposition Alexei Navalny died in prison

Navalny, Alexei, age 47, convicted on several counts of embezzlement, contempt of court, parole violations, and the founding of an “extremist organization,” died in the Arctic [brrrrr] Prison – “toughest penal colony” – on 16 February, and NATO politicians, diplomats, and their house servant media stenographers have all donned their professional mourners attire.

Various uncorroborated sources have reported that Navalny had taken a nice walk, returned to his cell feeling ‘unwell,’ and abruptly died from a “blood clot” or an “arterial clot,” without further explanation.

The smattering of NATO mourners of the former exterminator who considered Muslims “cockroaches,” deserving of being shot to death, include the usual gang of Western supremacist hypocrites.

For those in need of further clarification of Navalny’s ”activism,” here is a short clip of one of the Nazi demonstrations he led and addressed, prior to his incarceration:

Among these professional NATO mourners are US Senator Thom Tillis, who supports continuing funding of Nazi Ukraine and who supported the war criminal bombing of Syria – without Congressional approval – for al Qaeda in the Levantine Republic; French intelligence asset, Bernard Henri Levi, friend of al Qaeda in Libya, friend of armed insurrectionist separatists SDF in Syria; the not-democratically-elected EU head, Ursula von der Leyen actually called for the [NATO] world to “stand up against autocracy” (Syria News notes that the first EU head was literal Nazi, Walter Hallstein. After seeing that the NYT previously described the convict by his “Nordic good looks, the author has not had the stomach to check on its obit for him).

Navalny was serving a 30 years combined sentence for his collective convictions. The ”extremist organization” he founded in 2011 was named the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), an NGO funded by undisclosed, private, sources. On 9 October 2019, Russia’s Ministry of Justice declared FBK a “foreign agent.”

On 9 June 2021, the FBK was declared “extremist” by the Moscow City Court and liquidated. One year and one month later, Navalny relaunched his NGO internationally.

The NATO reputed “opposition leader” almost became a household name in the summer of 2020 (almost, as it is unpronounceable in most Western tongues, though visually recognized by all, courtesy of NATO-affiliated media), when he was weirdly ‘stricken’ on a plane in Siberia – outlandishly screaming according to a WaPo video report (at 16 seconds, here) – before ‘falling into a coma’ (which later became an ‘induced’ one), and requiring an emergency stop by the plane so he could be escorted by ambulance to a nearby hospital. NBC News reported that a Russian physician claimed Navalny had a “metabolic disease,” possibly caused by “low blood sugar” (a tad on the asinine side, as B-grade movie screams are neither part of losing consciousness from hypoglycemia, nor part of Metabolic Syndrome), followed by the claim that he was poisoned by a Novichok “nerve agent” that somehow was not quite Novichok, though the implied, unidentified, variant held the same “cholinesterase inhibitor” as Novichok. As Syria News reported in December 2020, such a neurotoxic inhibitor “five to eight times more toxic than VX…[which] can kill a person within minutes” (per 13 March 2018 BBC report).

If one’s muscles have been paralyzed by a deadly and fast-acting nerve agent, one can not breathe. If one can not breathe, one can not scream. If one is poisoned with an anticholinergic more toxic than VX, he will not be cured getting atropine two weeks later…because he will be dead.

In what can only be considered the most stunning of coincidences, Navalny’s wife/widow just happened to be in attendance for the [NATO] Munich Security Conference (MSC) 2024. She was conflicted over whether to believe the report her husband was dead, whether to immediately return to her children, to comfort them, or to give an impressive speech to the attendees (an old Syria News report included some salient points of the NATO MSC 2016 meeting and its fetid involvement in anti-Syria war propaganda).

The obviously from the heart, unprepared speech of Navalny’s new widow, attacking Putin, despite not knowing if the rumors of her husband were exaggerated, warranted a massive and sustained standing ovation from the NATO think tankers in attendance, and an air kiss from Nancy Pelosi:

This author was so touched by the raw emotion that she immediately moved to the MSC’s website, to discover it was founded sixty years ago…and by a literal Nazi!

Ewald von Kleist joined the Nazi military at the age of 18. He became an officer in the Nazi military. He fought the anti-Nazi USSR on the Russian frontline. NATO-affiliated The Guardian‘s obituary did its best to avoid the term, Nazi, instead, choosing to bloviate about “passive resistance” and “reluctantly serving in the Wehrmacht…” and ending by calling this Nazi an “army officer.”

NATO was created to keep fascism alive, and much of humanity, dead.

This simple sentence, from one report, has never exuded a symmetry as has been seen, today, 16 February 2024.

On this date, the sudden death of neo-Nazi and convicted criminal, Alexei Navalny was announced.

Literal Nazi supporters – war criminal politicians, un-diplomats, phony liberal NGO activists are prostrate with grief.

Navalny’s widow happens to be a speaker at the NATO think tank founded by a Nazi officer and provides an impromptu eulogy and attack on Russia’s president, simultaneously.

The NATO Nazis in attendance give neo-Nazi Navalny a standing ovation.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They use the same methods for each of their agents and still they can find agents who refuse to understand and get recruited and end up like this one.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    Reminds me of the Syrian opposition the USA and its NATO friends created for us, the USA simply bombs them when it needs to terminate their contracts celebrating the bombing and marketing it as ‘combating terrorism’ to its people.


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