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NATO Media Mute as Moderate Terrorists Continue Bombing Syria

Mhardeh Power Plant again under attack by freedom fighters!

In another round of barbarity against Syria, NATO armed members of the Orwellian Benevolent Society again tried to obliterate the Mhardeh Power Plant. Using ground-to-ground mortars, missiles, and rockets, the neo-righteous injured two civilians, made others homeless, damaged the Power Plant and destroying infrastructure also in Soran and Tal Bazam village.

These terrorists attacks of 1 March are the most recent of never-ending breaches in what amounts to a unilateral “de-escalation zone agreement” concerning Idlib and surrounding areas. Syria has maintained its agreement, while “guarantors” Turkey and Qatar continue to support their pet factions of takfiri savages in the SAR.

Erdogan thief أردوغان اللص
Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief.

Turkey and Qatar have been [m]aligned against Syria since the early days of the foreign imposed crisis; their “guarantees” are those of thieves, murderers and back stabbers. In late 2012, the two tyrannies joined in dismantling Aleppo factories and transporting them into what should be called Erdoganstan. Qatar’s al Jazeera was involved in the Homs Refinery bombings in 2012, and the mass kidnapping of Syrian women and their children from Lattakia countryside, in 2013. Qatar’s “guarantee” in April 2017 resulted in the massacre of upwards of 130 mostly women and their kids, in al Rashin. Just last month, Erdogan’s thugs attempted to steal equipment from the Zezon Thermal Power Station.

Turkey’s pet savages, the Turkestan “Islamic” Party and Qatar’s Nusra Front — no matter which nom du jour these degenerates may use –were joined in the mortar, missile, and rocket fire into the various cities and villages of Hama countryside. The Syrian Arab Army was successful in destroying several rocket launching pads in Mourek.

The SAA also responded to the sources of ground-to-ground bombings from Ltamenah and Kafar Zeta, northern Hama.

A consistent rule of thumb is that bombings of Mhardeh come from Ltamenah, occupied by one of the al Saud faction of malignant sociopaths in Syria, Jaish al Ezza. This gang of ferocious killers was a key “open source” used shamelessly by UC Berkeley’s “Human Rights Investigations Lab” January 2018 report of criminal lies against Syria, because they posted a sign on a garage that said “hospital.”

Baboons — er, ‘medics’? — keep busy when not building unhospitals in Ltamenah.
The sign to the moped garage remained pristine, according to 1:29 video “documentation.”

It is still winter, in Syria. Due to the draconian, coercive, economic terrorism by leading members of genocide — US, UK, France — there is a horrific embargo preventing essential materials from being delivered to the SAR. This embargo excludes weapons of war and derivative destruction provided to the world’s human garbage, dumped into Syria.

Put yourselves into the shoes of Syria, and try to imagine the normalization of bombing power plants, those things that provide electricity, and that keep water potable, and flowing. Watch the video or read the transcript of Syria’s Electricity Army — those demigod linemen — and do try to imagine re-electrification of areas bombed by the illegitimate US-led, fascist coalition, and the ground-to-ground bombings of electrical grids, with weapons provided by NATO countries and their various underlings.

Now, please use your search engine and look at the results for “Syria news.”

Instead of reports on today’s savage attack’s on Syria and Syrian infrastructure, we are offered more emotional war propaganda on the British teen takfiri, who still miraculously has excellent telecommunications, wherever she may be. Note also that the warmongering NYT — whose source material for lying propaganda on Douma included killers, pedonecrophiliacs, and degenerates who shared photos of caged Syrian women and held possession of the corpse of a fetus, gestational age likely 6-7 months — is reporting what amounts to the US asking the US to maintain its illegal, criminal troops in the SAR.

Dirty, rotten, filthy NATO/MIC/Deep state/Vichy media ignoring war crimes against Syria on 1 March 2019.

Miri Wood

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