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SAA Units Repel a Large Coordinated Attack by Terrorists North of Hama

SAA Eliminates Turkey-Sponsored Terrorists in Northern Hama

SAA Units protecting the towns and villages in Hama northern countryside repelled an attack by herds of terrorists coming from southern Idlib.

The attacking terrorists took advantage of the very bad weather conditions in the area and carried out their swift organized attack at the Massassna axis in the northern area of Hama province. Their attack started at 1:30 am, Sunday 03 March 2019.

Erdogan-sponsored terrorists used all sorts of weapons firing at the SAA military outposts near the Poultry farms, Zor al-Hayssa, and Kharbet Ma’areen.

This latest breach is part of the continuous breach of the Idlib Agreement by the Turkish junta and their terrorist groups operating in the Idlib province.

Idlib-Agreement was supposed to be concluded last October 2018, but the regime of Erdogan kept asking extensions from the Russian and Iranian other signatories to the agreement, and who in turn are supposed to monitor the execution of it.

SAA Kill Erdogan Terrorists in Northern Hama
Some of the killed NATO Regime Changing terrorists

Syrian Arab Army and its allies are on the highest grades of alert in the area, they’re confident that the Turkish junta do not intend good and want to take advantage of the de-escalating of military operations to strengthen the terrorists’ position in the coming battle.

Delaying of the SAA military operation to clean the province of Idlib from NATO-sponsored Regime Changers ‘Nusra Front’ (aka al-Qaeda Levant and HTS) Terrorists has only served the enemies of the Syrian people, just like the case in each ceasefire ever sponsored in Syria since the first days of the crisis, 8 years ago.

A number of SAA personnel were martyred and another number injured defending their posts. The attackers were repelled and the SAA inflicted large casualties among their ranks in men and destroyed their weapons.

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces issued a statement condemning the latest violation of the Idlib Agreement. The statement stressed the army’s readiness and high alert to deal with terrorists’ attacks on the remaining directions of its war against terrorism.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also condemned the continuous breaches of the de-escalation agreement by the terrorist groups and confirmed in a statement issued this morning. The MoFA statement also affirmed the high preparedness of the Syrian Arab Army in addressing these crimes and violations of agreements and that it will not allow the terrorists and those behind them -hinting to the Turkish junta and NATO- to continue their attacks on innocent civilians, the statement concluded reminding of the Syrian State’s absolute right in defending the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and its citizens over every inch of the country.

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