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NATO Klansmen Hold 91st anti – Syria Chemical Weapons Meeting at UN

In the ongoing geopolitical repetition compulsion, bad infinity of the phony ‘Syria files,’ the NATO klansmen held their 91st UN meeting on the chemical weapons that are not there, on 5 January. This rabid gang of hyenas keep barking their lies — and arrogantly so — as their own evidence demonstrates their war criminal lies.

In this month’s sheet-less klan meeting, the UN press release bleated that “outstanding issues related to Syria’s initial declaration of its chemical weapons stockpile and programme still cannot be considered ‘accurate and complete'” and that there were some discrepancies and inconsistencies in the continuation of monkey dung-flinging.

NATO klan UN press release on those phony ‘Syria files.’

Mercifully, Fernando Ariais, the lawyer from Madrid who is somehow the Director-General of OPCW despite having no rudimentary educational background in chemistry nor any of the sciences, did not make a return performance to update the Security Council on Navalny’s underwear.

OPCW DG Fernando Arias

Though nowhere near 91 times, Syria News has hyperlinked the extensive history of chemical weapons threats and attacks against the Syrian Arab Republic on countless occasions. Published in early 2017, the meticulously documented report begins with the two videos of December 2012 taken in Turkey, demonstrating fatal experiments on rabbits; one suggests the use of VX, the other a quick-acting poison that was likely used to murder kidnapped Syrian children for the cameras, in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017. It also includes the reports ignored by the UN-OPCW on the chemical attack in Khan al Asal, and the very likely trial of a genetically altered Clostridium tetani biological weapon fatally deployed in Tel al Jabya near Syria’s Golan criminally occupied by Israel for decades, and the statements from moderate terrorists of al Ghouta who whined that Bandar should have told them how to use chemical weaponry when the Saudi gave them the bombs.

Despite multiple requests from Syria for investigations, not one was investigated by the NATO watchdog klan that persists in holding these criminally lying monthly meetings.

The author especially notes that after the original report suggesting the Tel al Jabya atrocity was a trial for the altered bioweapon, the nearly 10 minute video which provided evidence via virtually every martyred soldier being seen in post opisthotonos spasm, with their necks still hyper-extended, and their hands and feet in carpopedal posturing was scrubbed from the internet, and that soon after, both the Center for Disease Control and the Federation of American Scientists simultaneously replaced the C. tetani bioweapon with the ebola one.

In the missing video, almost all of the 50 plus murdered soldiers’ corpses had neck hyperextension & carpopedal posturing.

Syria joined the Chemical Weapons Convention soon after the Saudi operatives ‘accidentally’ deployed CWs in al Ghouta, August 2013. It is an educated guess that the petition was to thwart Obama’s plan to bomb the Levantine republic into Libya-type stone age. Given the US history of welching on deals, it was merely a postponement as it took the Obama regime only about a year to come up with the excuse to bomb Syria because the US-created ISIS somehow was managing to kill off illegal special operatives from the US, UK, and Japan.

Cue the Illegal Orangettes
Cue the Illegal Orangettes

As is the tendency in US politics, the Trump regime outdid Obama’s war crimes, when he bombed Syria based on the “fake news CNN!” interview with criminal Shajul Islam, the British illegal, de-licensed physician who was once on trial for terrorism in his native homeland.

The arrogance of the NATO klan on the ‘Syria files’ is flouted by the OPCW admitting it did not send inspectors into Khan Sheikhoun, nor Ltamenah, because al Qaeda there were too dangerous.

His Excellency, Deputy Foreign Minister and UN Permanent Representative, Dr. Bashar al Jaafari again reiterated his country’s condemnation of the use of chemical weapons, and again provided the NATO klansmen in attendance with a list of atrocities perpetrated against his country, which were never investigated by the [frauds] of the UN and affiliated UN – OPCW.

Time will tell if the ten-year nightmare inflicted on the Levantine republic will soon be coming to an end, or if the first half-Jamaican/half-Indian daughter of immigrants/woman president Harris will make her bones in another false flag attack in Syria.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Excellent report exposing those criminals and all thanks to our diplomatic hero Dr. Jaafari for his relentless fight against those hyenas.


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