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NATO Ethnic Cleansing of Syria: US and Turkish Mercenaries, Landmines

The Giant African Pouched Rat would be more useful than NATO's UNMAS, & obviously more noble

NATO terrorists have accelerated their frenzy to ethnically cleanse Syrian from the Syrian Arab Republic. In addition to Syria News‘ earlier report on another child murdered, and two injured via landmine explosion, and a father and daughter murdered by terrorists loyal to Turkish madman Erdogan, 21 June has ended with another Syrian civilian death by landmine, a Syrian woman murdered by SDF gunfire, and a violent siege by Turkey’s terrorists against a village.

On 15 March the UN hyenas led by the NATO junta held a maudlin meeting to lament the tenth anniversary failure of the NATO Spring against the Levantine republic. That President Bashar al Assad won re-election with 95.1% of the vote — called fraudulent by the world leaders in invasion, occupation, and genocide — that Dr. Bashar al Jaafari subsequently explained the vote as the ultimate victory against the project to take over Syria, that various western imperial politicians have been rug-chewing since the election, that NATO klansmen controlling the United Nations, once a bastion of peace and security, are frantic over the possible upcoming closure of the Bab al Hawa UN-forced border crossing, lead to the conclusion that the human garbage is on its way out of Syria.

The human garbage — foreign detritus, domestic psychopaths, criminally insane cannon fodder believing the master’s lies, and the wretches run by the madman who would be caliphate — are finally seeing the writing on the wall, and are now functioning as cornered rats, in their atrocities, and their accelerated attempts of the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Syrian Arab.

Erdogan is the NATO pet in the region, great for destabilization.

Erdogan regime occupation forces, and various al Qaeda armed terrorists “renewed aggression on villages in the vicinity of cities of Ayn Issa and Tal Abyad in Raqqa [northern] countryside,” on 21 June, using ground-to-ground heavy artillery to destroy indigenous Syrian homes and businesses in Kor Hassan, al Mabujah, and Qazali.

This is ethnic cleansing, and NATO is the perpetrator. Though ethnic cleansing has not been recognized as a crime under International Humanitarian Law, the UN recognizes it in the intention of IHL, and most NATO countries also recognize it, albeit conveniently when it relates to countries NATO has destroyed.

On 21 June, a Syrian shepherd tending his agricultural fields in al Hamdaniya, Idlib eastern countryside, was blown up in another landmine explosion. NATO supported terrorists continue to plant explosives prior to retreating as the Syrian Arab Army continues to liberate “every inch” of their country. NATO weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens.

The author awaits the Numbers head of the utterly useless UNMAS to update the statistics on death and dismemberment at her next address to the UNSC. The author also continues to recommend that the Syrian government gain access to the Giant African pouched rats, which will be much more honorable in clearing the SAR of these underground weapons.

NATO is voracious
The interactive maps relating to Syria tend to move Syria into Turkey too frequently. Additionally, erroneous names must be whited out, & replaced with their correct names. Illegal name changes are part of ethnic cleansing of indigenous Syrian Arabs from their country.

A gang of NATO US created SDF (called by their transliterated from the Arabic initials, “QSD” in Syrian media) opened fire on a “large public transportation vehicle at the entrance of Tal Hamis township, south of Qamishli city, Hasakah northeastern countryside,” also on Monday. These armed terrorists were positioned at one of their fake checkpoints and murdered one woman, and injured several others.

Reportedly, these criminals botched an attempt to kidnap someone on the bus. Kidnapping is one of the criminal activities of the non-indigenous, separatist, traitor Kurds who have aligned themselves with the NATO enemies for the cheap promise of a chunk of Syrian land to which they have no entitlement.

In February, they kidnapped a Ba’ath Party leader from his doctor’s office.

They have breached promises they made to the UN, at meetings that the noble Charter prohibited, but with whom the finely coiffed NATO thugs occupying the bastion of peace and security were titillated to criminally engage. Note the difference in the demeanor of Virginia Gamba, here, and here.

The last weeks have witnessed escalating raid operations launched by the QSD militia in the areas which they occupy in the Syrian al-Jazeera region, in addition to abducting tens of locals and hundreds of young men in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Hasaka, and taking them to the militia’s camps to force them fight among its ranks. — SANA

From time to time, factions NATO criminals engaged in the final solution via destruction and ethnic cleansing, do engage in fratricide, as occurred recently in Afrin. Pity all the savages do not spend more time in this endeavor.

ISIS will be crushed and NATO will be  ejected
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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  1. Jack Oliver

    I am sorry for your loses Syria – we are entering a very difficult period when ALL the countries that have signed to the BRI are under threat !
    Look at Serbia – TWO ammo warehouses blown up in less than a month – i feel a lot of BRI nations are under attack from weather ‘warfare’ as well !


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