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The Khashoggi Saga among the Lunatics

Khashoggi Terrorist Among Other Things

Jamal Khashoggi has disappeared. He disappeared on 2 October, reportedly last seen entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, ostensibly to file papers for his upcoming marriage to a Turkish national. Ostensibly, he left his fiancee outside with directions to call immediately call Erdogan if he did not return in a timely fashion. Recep, another chief sponsor of terrorism, has gone bonkers while too, too many have turned blind eyes to the fact that Erdoganstan has become the largest journalists’ prison in the world.

Erdogan Press Freedom

No explanation was given as to why Khashoggi did not bring his fiancee to the US* — to where he previously fled — instead of taking his chances with the Saudis (from whom he previously fled) — but the photo of her…waiting, is quite touching. And prior to this fleeing thing, he was a consultant to the former head of Saudi intelligence and advisor to Muhammed bin Salman. He also wrote for Saudi media. While still a member of the Saudi inner elite, he tweeted his support of ISIS’ beheading of kidnapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers. He praised this act of heinous barbarity as “effective military tactic.”

Khashoggi praised the ISIS beheadings of kidnapped SAA soldiers as “effective military tactic.”

Khashoggi’s history of as a  hands-on journalist goes back decades. Here we see his hands on an RPG, standing with other armed “volunteers” in Afghanistan.

Since he went missing, NATO MSM is trying to rehabilitate his kinship with Osama bin Laden, now claiming he tried to counsel that terrorist in giving up violence.


Khashoggi continued to support terrorism.

It is interesting to note — especially since no one else has — that it is the Middle East Eye which broke the story, which has added the Hollywood bathos to the apparently boring gone missing report (bringing in the 15 member Saudi wetworks team to Torture. Cut into tiny pieces. Smuggle out. Because obviously, Khashoggi could not possibly have been killed by anyone in the consulate, nor have his body surreptitiously removed.).

MEE is the bastard offspring of al Jazeera and The Guardian.  The latter has pimped anti-Syria war propaganda since the beginning of the foreign-imposed crisis, and the former  (owned by the Qatar monarchy) is illegally in the SAR and has been involved in kidnappings, femicide, and other atrocities. Though both al Saud and al Thani tyrants have funded terror against Syria, and despite Qatar being almost 50% US military bases, Trump seriously dissed it last year when he went to bow before the camel-loversMEE is being cited by NATO MSM and being pasted by reputed independent media, as it attempts to level the playing field of Washington’s pet terror sponsor.


US politicians really had no idea that the Saudis dumped death row inmates into Syria, in lieu of execution? Only now, since the disappearance of Khashoggi do they suspect the mere possibility of terrorism? How did Sen. Rand Paul only just realize that al Saud has been — ‘also’ — bombing Yemen, though President Obama stated back in May 2015, that the Saudis asked his permission, first? Paul is actually calling for a congressional investigation into the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.

Back in October 2015, ‘royal’ Majed Abdulaziz al Saud was arrested in Beverly Glen, California, for rape and sexual abuse at a party he was hosting. Despite one of his bloody and brutalized victims being helped over a wall by a neighbor who became the “outcry witness,” the prosecutor said there was no evidence, and this Saudi was almost immediately released.


The same US Americans who ignored that trifle, are now nearly hysterical over the gone missing Khashoggi.

Once again, ‘left’ and ‘right’ are converging to lose joint control over their bowels because a Saudi terrorist disappeared and a Turkish terrorist is breathing fire and the terrorist gas station Qatar is jockeying for a comeback, for preferred sponsor of terror status.

Strange how the fake liberals and the fake conservatives were also aligned in complete support of the Saudi sponsored terrorists who committed a massacre in Douma and lied that Syria had committed a ‘gas attack.’

Remember these baboons?

Baboons — er, ‘medics’? — keep busy when not building unhospitals in Ltamenah.

They are members of the Saudi run faction of al Qaeda that call themselves Jaysh al-Ezza. On 18 January, Berkeley Law University of California was thrilled to release the report, Chemical Strikes on Al-LataminahOffering only a sign on a building (which seemed to be a parking garage for White Helmets’ mopeds) Berkeley report had the temerity to claim these savages had opened a hospital, and that it had been “gassed.”

The sign to the moped garage remained pristine, according to 1:29 video “documentation.”

Is the worm collective actually turning?

If so, then the entire gang needs to come out and condemn the atrocities perpetrated by the Saudis against the Syrian Arab Republic, Berkeley needs to issue a retraction for its rancid ‘report,’ and all of NATO politicians and all factions of MSM and self-described independent media need to immediately apologize for supporting Saudi sponsored terror in the SAR. Western countries that funded and armed these ”moderates” need to immediately begin making reparations to the Syrian people — including removing the draconian sanctions they have imposed.

Saudi Exports

This corrupt and/or willfully ignorant gang will have to also acknowledge Erdogan’s active, criminal role in the horrors inflicted on Syria since 2011. Most of the more than 300,000 foreign terrorists who invaded the SAR did so through the Turkish border, yet not one ever stepped on any of the almost 200,000 land mines that were supposed to be cleared several years ago.

That strikes the author as bordering on magical thinking. More likely, all in prominent positions will continue fixating on this latest news obsession.

And those not wielding any power? Well, they seem to show the awful success of Operation Mockingbird.


Miri Wood

*  Neither the Saudi fiefdom nor the Turkish almost caliphate are on the travel ban list, so there is no reason that Jamal Khashoggi and his Turkish fiancee could not have completed their documents at the Saudi consulate in the US to get married (WaPo could have thrown them a wedding party and gotten massive ink from it.). That the former friend of bin Laden, the former consultant to the head of Saudi intelligence, the former advisor to MBS instead chose to go to Istanbul and enter the Saudi consulate, instead, stinks of an op, another dirty scam. Khashoggi played a key role in this saga. Should he eventually be found dead, well, this would not be the first time that an operative was worth more, dead than alive.

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Where was the condemnation when Trump sent Pompeo to present Saudi terrorists with a medal of freedom named for the American traitor who did nothing when Cheney had Valerie Plame outed?

Where was the outrage when McQaeda McCain paid homage to Saudi sponsors of terror, before again illegally entering Syria?

The massacre in al Rashidin, 15 October 2017 was orchestrated by Qatar-run terrorists in Syria.

SyriaNews would share the video of 2017’s Annual Erdogan’s Thugs Beating Up US Citizens in DC, but the google gang tossed it into the Orwellian memory hole.

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