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China Grants Syria Much Needed Electrical Power Transformers

China Grants Syria Electrical Transformers

China delivered to Syria 800 electrical power transformers of various capacities in addition to 60 kilometers long electric cables, much needed for the devastated electrical sector in the country.

The cargo which came in 118 containers to Lattakia seaport along with distribution transformers, a generous gift from the People’s Republic of China.

China Grants Syria Electrical Transformers

One of the main targets of US-sponsored terrorists aka ‘Moderate Rebels’ was the electric power sector in the whole country, to turn Syria into a failed state the US needed to destroy the country’s infrastructure.

Billions of dollars worth of electrical power infrastructure were destroyed throughout the past 7.5 years all over the country, hundreds of workers in the electricity sector were slaughtered, hundreds of power stations were targeted, damaged and the Syrian Ministry of Electricity would fix them as soon as possible, to be targeted again by the ‘Revolution’ terrorists.

A CNN crew went as far as contributing with a terrorist group from the infamous FSA to destroy a gas pipeline in Baba Amro back in the early days of the Syrian crisis, the gas pipeline destroyed was fueling the electric power generators that provided electricity to the city of Homs leaving the entire population of the central Syrian province without electricity in one of the coldest winters in decades in order to have one extra line in their news to demonize the Syrian state.

Before the crisis, not only Syria was completely self-sufficient with electricity power reaching the last house in the most remote village, the surplus was exported to Syria’s neighbors, especially to Lebanon which throughout the crisis was importing electricity from Syria despite that a large part of the Lebanese population supported the destruction of Syria and contributed heavily to it.

This grant by China is very well appreciated and needed. Syria bled for the whole humanity and recognizing these sacrifices and assisting Syria to rebuild itself is what’s expected from the whole world and China is among the leaders in this regards.

Thank you China.

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