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President Assad Greets Workers on their Day

Assad visit to Omayyad Electricity

Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al-Assad paid greeted Syria’s workers on their workers day on 1st of May in a special way today. Workers at Omayyad Electricity Station in Tishreen Park in Damascus were greeted by the Syrian president in a show of defiance and determination with a touch of compassion.

President Assad visit to a workers’ site in Damascus comes one day after a deadly explosion by NATO-backed Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists in Marjeh, the heart of the city’s business center, claiming the lives of 14 citizens and injured more than 200, and after 2 days from a similar explosion that targeted Syria’s Prime Minister Dr. Wael Halaqi in the upscale residential Mezzah neighborhood. The visit also came at the same time some NATO propaganda channels known as mainstream media were parroting more attacks in the Syrian capital implying their overused term: ‘his days are numbered’..!

The visit also shows a determined leadership and determine people to withstand the unprecedented aggression by more than 40 western countries and their regional stooges with all their might and capabilities against a single country that never did any of them any harm.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Greets Workers on May Day
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Greets Workers on May Day

Assad told the workers: ‘They want us to fear and live underground, we will not fear and we will continue living above the ground’. Touring the electricity station and listening to the workers’ needs and obstacles they’re facing, the Syrian president praised Syria’s workers and in particular the workers in the electricity sector who were targeted by the Wahhabi Jihadists wanting to move Syria into the dark age.

Video of the tour with English subtitles:

Video also available on BitChute:

We expect western mainstream media and their minis in the region to include in their coverage of this visit, if they do, their other infamous quote referring to Assad’s public appearances: ‘Assad in one of his rare public appearances’, although he has made tens of such appearances, but NATO’s propaganda machine depends on short memories of their followers.

On a side note, Turkish fanatic Muslim Brotherhood Recep Tayyip Erdoğan making his main goal to topple Syrian leader to promote freedoms and democracy, treated Turkish workers in his own way, the following image shared initially from a Turkish page on social media gives the difference between a ‘dictator killing own people and suppressing freedoms’ and a ‘symbol for freedoms and democracy praised by western states’:

Turkish Prime Minister unleash his thugs against workers on May Day
Turkish Prime Minister unleashes his thugs against workers on May Day

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