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Israel Bombs Syria for Moral Support to al Qaeda, Erdogan

SAA Air defense shoot down a number of incoming Israeli missiles

Israel bombed Syria again at 2345 Damascene time, 13 February. Firing from the Syrian Golan criminally occupied by Israel, Syrian air defenses — within limited capacities — intercepted a “number of missiles” before they reached their targets on the southern perimeter of Damascus.

These bombs were launched from Syria’s Golan, occupied by Israel, NATO’s favorite dog in the Levant. Israel chose the 38th anniversary of the National Open Strike to engage in another round of war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic.

The video is also available on BitChute

No details have been provided at this time, and therefore it is unknown if the missiles were fired from the three inches of Syria’s Golan which were named for the King George wannabe, Donald Trump. Trump — who currently engages in appointing presidents around the world, as King George once appointed governors — decreed last year that squatter Israel could keep the stolen portion of Golan, Syria after which the thieves held a mad hatters party.

February has been a difficult month for NATO supported al Qaeda in Syria. The 3 Pee’s running the UN had no success in demanding Syria to stop defending its citizenry from these foreign-owned pathogens. Channel 4s propaganda for al Qaeda’s White Helmets department was so ridiculously idiotic it was the butt of international jokes. Not one, but two Nazi — er, al Qaedapropaganda movies did not get an Oscar from Hollywood.

The Cave - Syrian opposition prison underground run by Faylaq Rahman East Ghouta
“The Cave” is what the people of East Ghouta call the underground prison cells and headquarters of the Syrian opposition of ‘Moderate Terrorists’ Faylaq Rahman.

Al Qaeda was also embarrassed by the armed and tanked American illegals sent to help them, who became so frightened by garbage cans. who cowered when a tall Syrian tore their flag and yelled at them that they chickenshittedly fired smoke bombs and live ammunition to disperse and murder.

It is surreal to watch armed & kevlared American illegal cower under the Syrian man’s words.

Still saddened by the loss of an coveted Hollywood Oscar, NATO-sponsored al Qaeda then suffered the indignity at the hands of the intrepid Syrian Arab Army, which secured the entirety of the Damascus-Aleppo Highway after which the SAA liberated Khan al Asal and al Rashin, areas of Aleppo governate in which the savages committed some of their most heinous atrocities.

These takfiri vermin have also been forced to see their pals, Erdogan regime troops bite the dust, get crushed by the SAA.

Turkish tanks destroyed by the SAA in Idlib

Israel — America’s favored welfare queen — had to do something to remoralize the fetid scum; after all, Israel has been al Qaeda’s air force in Syria since May 2013, when it came to their rescue, also in Damascus (Obama did not make the US al Qaeda’s second air force until his fake accidental slaughter of 83 SAA soldiers in Deir Ezzor, more than two years later.). ISIS/al Qaeda are especially beholden to Israel, for its life-sustaining, state of the art emergency trauma care for terrorists on the occupied Golan, who then get transported into Israeli hospitals (courtesy of the American taxpayer).

When it comes to terrorists on the occupied Golan, Israel spares no expense in state of art medical care

Prior to this latest war criminal attack to bolster the sensitivities of al Qaeda and Erdogan, Israel had whined because Hizb Allah had shot down the drone it had illegally deployed into Lebanese airspace.

Netanyahu, Israel’s pristine Prime Minister under indictment for fraud and bribery, had earlier dispatched a tweet in which he bragged about directing laws in the United States of America, which happens not to be a part of Israel.

Israel’s indicted PM’s arrogant & insulting tweet was ignored by the obedient Mockingbird American ‘left’ & ‘right.’

Israel criminally bombed Syria, again; this time, to give false hope to terrorist pathogens and their barking Erdogan, whose NATO pet status will be short-lived.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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