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Health Minister Discusses Status of Syria’s Actual Hospitals

Jolani alQaeda destroyed cancer hospital.

Dr. Ahmed Damiry, Minister of Health held a press conference 16 February to inform the citizenry of the status of Syria’s actual hospitals including details of ongoing rehabilitation projects for the twenty-two hospitals that were closed due to terrorist atrocities of NATO-supported ‘moderate opposition.’

Syrian hospitals appear to have been the hysterical topic of conversation in NATO stenography media, a dominant theme at the ongoing emergency Security Council meetings called by the Three Pee’s, and emotional war pornography courtesy of the fifth column known as Hollywood.

The Hollywood elitists had nominated two fraudumentaries on fake hospitals, yearning to breathe free. One used a child to pimp war crimes, a child whose father is reported to have dropped out of med school, and who counts as his close friend the poisonous urchin who helped kidnap a 12-year-old boy from a hospital, who tormented him and then assisted in his beheading, by a kitchen knife. The other involved an illicit facility in which a Mengele-type pulled a Clockwork Orange, bragging about performing surgeries without anesthesia while playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in the background.

Alas, that non-stop Goebbels Big Lie on Syrian hospitals relates only to the imaginary ones, the fake ones that are reported to be bombed, 24/7, always the very last sixty-five million or so of the very last hospitals in al Qaeda occupied regions of Syria, currently Idlib. As there has been little to no reporting on actual hospitals and other medical facilities destroyed by moderate al Qaeda savages — bleached into protagonist status by criminal media and criminal politicians and criminal diplomats, albeit unindicted criminals — there was not a single report on Dr. Damiry’s press conference, by western sources.

NATO operatives continue to play a shell game with their Fake Hospitals of Syria. Despite the UN’s crying poor mouth, OCHA gives the audience of one of its derivative websites to NATO-supported NGOs that bray criminal lies about Syria, including the claim of apocryphal coordinates of illegitimate facilities that treat wounded terrorists to the UN. NATO media then reports these mysterious GPS things as gospel. The NATO klan bullies of the UN bleat about International Humanitarian Law, hospitals, & war crimes. They do not, however, confirm that such coordinates have been shared, as they know this would be in breach of that very IHL of which they too frequently chirp.

Dr. Damiry stated there are eighty-eight (88) hospitals in the Syrian Arab Republic. Fifty-eight (58) are general, sixteen (16) are specialized, and fourteen (14) are private. Twenty-six (26) hospitals are out of service, due to atrocities committed against the Syrian health care sector by the deranged psychopaths armed, funded, and drugged by NATO countries and their various underlings, and pimped by the lying, irredeemably corrupt ‘MSM.’

syria health minister
Dr. Ahmed Damiry, Minister of Health.

Despite the actual war criminal bombings of hospitals by takfiri filth, and the illicit, draconian, economic terrorism against Syria by the US and EU, in 2019, twenty-six million (26,000,000) health services were provided to the Syrian citizenry via hospitals and clinics, throughout the country.

On 22 September 2019, Syria’s Prime Minister Imad Khamis inaugurated the Children’s University Hospital in Tartous.

The General Authority of Children's Hospital in Tartous

On 21 October 2019, the Shaba National Hospital in Sweida was inaugurated, to serve a population of one hundred twenty-five thousand (125,000) persons in the city and surrounding villages.

In Damascus countryside, last year, restoration of the Kafr Batna Hospital, and the Harasta, Maliha, and Jaramana clinics was begun. Also recommenced was the construction of Al Rahiba and Kiswah Hospitals, whose completion rates of sixty percent (60%) had to be halted because of the foreign war of terror inflicted on Syria.

Rehabilitative work on Ibn Al Walid Hospital and the Oncology Department at Homs Grand Hospital, continue. Additionally, there are two studies involving reconstruction work on the National Hospital, and whether to rehabilitate Al Rastan Hospital as a general facility, or to convert it to specialize in cardiac care.

In Lattakia, the Ministry of Health is rehabilitating the Martyr Ibrahim Naama Hospital, in addition to building a new hospital in Jableh. In May 2016, a suicide bomber blew up the Emergency Department of the Jableh National Hospital. It was part of seven coordinated bombings in the city and in Tartous, one of the bloodiest days in the NATO terrorist proxy war against Syria. More than one hundred eighty persons were murdered.

MSM that currently howls about the fraudulent hospitals did report on that attack, but barely, and in colonialist-racist fashion, described the areas of carnage as Assad strongholds or Alawite neighborhoods.

Minister Damiry also reported rehabilitation studies for the Children’s and Eye Hospitals in Aleppo, the National Hospital in Qamishli, the Nawa Hospital in Daraa, and all the hospitals in Deir Ezzor; those not destroyed by the terrorists were demolished by the terrorist Coalition.

CNN cheers destruction as far as the eye can see. This is al Raqqa, courtesy of the US-led war criminal coalition.

As part of the imperial propaganda regarding Syria’s hospitals involves creating the inference that there is no Ministry of Health, Syria News repeats Dr. Damiry’s report that 26,000,000 health services were provided to Syrians in 2019.

Forty health centers, 8 hospitals rehabilitated and put into service in Aleppo, SANA reported.

Miri Wood

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