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Erdogan Betrays Putin, Again, Throws Himself Under the US Feet

NATO Turkey / Turkish President Recep Tayib Erdogan New Ottoman رجب طيب اردوغان العثمانيون الجدد

Against all odds considering the enhancing relations with Russia and Iran and bitter relations with the USA and enmity relations with the US’s Kurdish militias, the Turkish regime reached an illegal agreement to establish a ‘safe zone’ inside Syria with his US ‘frenemies’ against international law and in blatant breach to Syria’s sovereignty, Turkey has long claimed it respects, only in media. The same US that supported the military coup attempt against Erdogan in 2016 and was saved by Russian Putin.

First, watch this short video showing late Necmettin Erbakan, Erdogan’s own mentor, speaking about the Turkish pariah and Erdogan proving what his mentor says:

What else to expect from a sick personality that sold his soul to evil for a promised futuristic role on the account of hundreds of thousands of dead bodies of Muslims at most, Christians, and even of his own followers? The head of the Turkish regime the pariah Erdogan is playing in the pastime after his free fall in his country’s latest municipal elections and ratings and before his final eradication from the political life in his country holds on to the last stray with his old masters.

Recep Tayib Erdogan is ready to send Turkey to sleep with not only who pays more, but who would just pat on the butts of the largest country overlooking the Levant. Instead of being the main player in the region, the Turks have accepted to be the most fingered country in the region, for nothing tangible.

Nothing strange in what some with no honorable principle would call pragmatism in international relations where it’s more like selling off to the current ‘man’ in the room. Erdogan has breached each article of the famous Adana Acrrod between Turkey and Syria, which regulates the relations between the two countries and allowed Turkey to strengthen its economy when Syria opened the gates of the rest of the world for Turkey after the Europeans closed it for them. Not only did the regime of Erdogan breach the agreement but went as far as opening Turkey’s bedroom as a whorehouse to every rapist the lunatic could bring from all sides of the planet to destroy the Syrian state and cause the maximum damage to the Syrian people’s lives and their source of living.

The same Erdogan who, with his old buddy Abdallah Gul, turned against their own mentor Erbakan, and after the demise of Erbakan and reaching power, he turned against his own buddy Gul who freed him from prison and appointed him as the prime minister.

Erdogan replaced Gul with Ahmet Davotuglo to later turn against him as well in his path to absolute dictatorship. The current main threat to unseat Erdogan from the lavish presidential palace is his former strong ally Turkish former minister of economy Ali Babacan who resigned from Erdogan’s AKP Islamist party in anticipation to form a new party ahead of the next presidential elections in Turkey.

During the same period, the same Erdogan took his country from being a secular country to far radical anti-Islam Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood style in order to control the branches of this satanic cult across the Arab countries and beyond in the NATO-led Arab Spring plot to destroy the Arab countries with national armies and then control it under neo-Ottoman Islamist leadership.

Erdogan and Putin Meet in Moscow Discuss Syria

Haven’t we warned that Turkey is the US’s trap for Russia?

The relations with Russia are quite unique, the Russian President saved Erdogan’s neck, literally, and to get paid by betrayal after the other by the ever opportunist. The Russian leadership ran out of patience being the guarantor of the Syrian state in the Astana de-escalation agreement in regards to Idlib, while the Turkish regime instead of dismantling its loyal terrorists, especially those of Al-Qaeda, Hurras Al-Din, Turkestan Islamist Party, Uighurs, and their terrorist affiliates, it was strengthening these terrorist groups.

Mr. Putin, in addition, opened up opportunities for the Turkish economy allowing Russian tourism to Turkey, Russian investments in a nuclear power that Russia finances, the South Stream gas pipeline, and allowing Turkish construction companies to work in Russia.


When cornered in Idlib, Erdogan pulled the East Euphrates card, using the ever foolish Kurds who worked as the justification for Turkish intrusions in Syria from Jarabulus to Afrin to threatening to enter Manbij, and now to create a safe zone north of Syria across the Syrian borders with Turkey. The US couldn’t be happier, with the roles changing between it and its puppet Turkey, Trump will be using the Obama mistake of not selling Patriot missiles to Turkey to justify the US’s acceptance of the Russian S400 missiles deal with Turkey, and now they’re moving to the next step in Syria, the old plot to carve out large pieces of the country and grant it left and right, stealing Syrian riches for the interests of Israel, only.

Erdogan Delivering FSA

Nobody is asking why Israel, the supposed to be the main concerned party about the S400 in the hands of the largest Muslim army in NATO, is very silent and not criticizing this step when it went mad against Russia’s selling the very old generations of S300 to both Syria and Iran. Seems the Israelis have full trust in their man in Turkey when it comes to their own existential threats.

Erdogan, USA with you
Erdogan don’t worry, Uncle Sam with you to the end.. of you.

Erdogan does not only prove himself a constant betrayer and a flipflop, but he also has to add further steps when receiving the new ‘Jewish’ anti-Russian president of Ukraine and declaring in his presence the rejection of the Russian annexing of Crimea. He could have kept Turkey’s already known position in this regard within the diplomat channels but instead showed Mr. Putin where he positions himself more: biting the only hand that saved his neck, literally – I know I repeated this, and flipping over all agreements he committed his country to for some promised role in an already failed evil project.

We are still waiting for a Russian and Iranian official public position on this latest move by the Turkish regime since both countries are parties to the Astana agreements with Turkey.

Syria, on its part, has issued a strong official statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemning this latest brazen violation of international law and the sovereignty of the Syrian territories, labeled the presence of both Trump forces and Erdogan forces in Syria as ‘occupation forces’ with all the military, legal, and political consequences attached to labeling a force as an occupation force.

The Syrian statement also called on the separatist Kurds to return to their country after the US and Turkey have exposed their ill intentions towards Syria, and warned this is the only and last chance the Kurds have.

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  1. Ακαρναν Καππα

    “Nobody is asking why Israel, the supposed to be the main concerned party about the S400 in the hands of the largest Muslim army in NATO, is very silent and not criticizing this step when it went mad against Russia’s selling the very old generations of S300 to both Syria and Iran.”
    When Cyprus bought the S300 they forced them to hand them over to Greece and they parked them on the island of Crete. Where they are useless. Instead of putting them right in the middle of the Aegean Sea, which would render the Turkish Planes to shit their pants AND NOT INVADE GREEK AIRSPACE on a daily basis.
    Also they made Greece Bankrupt in order to make the Greeks afraid of helping Their old Ally Syria.
    And we have the odd situation whereas the Greek Politicians are happy with the War Criminal NuttyYahoo to do business. but the Greeks Hating that alliance that could endanger Greece itself.
    Same script as with the Break up of Yugoslavia.

  2. Stefan Heuer

    Frankly spoken, I find it hard to label Erdogan with any term other than treacherous idiot.
    I wonder how Putin can allow him fooling Russia (and Iran, and Syria) again and again and again, but remember that Putin also is in bed with Netanyahu?


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