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NATO Terrorists Shell Aleppo City with Missiles Injure 6 Civilians

Civilians in Aleppo Injured from Missiles fired by NATO Terrorists

Terrorists loyal to Turkish pariah and NATO tool Erdogan released their hatred against the city of Aleppo, again, shelling indiscriminately a number of the neighborhoods in the city with missiles.

Six civilians were injured from the missiles fired by NATO terrorists among them is a 9 years old young girl. they were rushed to the nearby hospitals for treatment. The shelling also caused large material damage in the houses and buildings.

The terrorists positioned in Al-Rashidin area west to Aleppo city fired their missiles on the neighborhoods of Iza’a, Khalidiya, Mogambo, and the vicinity of the Aleppo University campus.

Syrian Arab Army units identified the location of the sites from which the terrorists fired their missiles and fired back at them. The SAA returned-fire destroyed missiles launchpads and barricades of the terrorists. Local sources added that the SAA’s retaliation inflicted casualties among the terrorists’ ranks, without elaborating. The terrorists tend to hide their losses to preserve what’s left of their fighting morale after their latest losses on all fronts.

This terrorist attack is part of a series of aggressions orchestrated by the Turkish regime to pressure the Syrian state halt the military operation to clean the province of Idlib from NATO-sponsored Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front and its affiliates.

End of last month 10 civilians among them 2 children were injured with similar terrorist attacks on Zibdiya residential district in Aleppo city.

NATO member state Turkey sponsors a number of radical and moderate terrorist in the western and northwestern countrysides of Aleppo, especially in Rashidin at the western side of Aleppo city.

Turkish regime pariah Erdogan needs these terrorist groups to fulfill the role he was tasked by the US in the evil project known as the Greater Middle East, it’s the ground for creating a ‘Greater Israel’ after destroying the national armies and secular states in the region converting them to religious ever-fighting enclaves to justify the ‘Jewish State’ in occupied Palestine. The project is dubbed by western mainstream media and Pentagon propagandists as the Arab Spring.

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