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SAA Cleans Zakat and Al-Arbaeen Towns from Nusra Front & Affiliates

Syrian Arab Army SAA - Aleppo Idlib Hama Latakia Deir Ezzor Hasakeh Qamishli Daraa Tanf الجيش العربي السوري

Nusra Front losing its first intensified defenses in northern Hama as the Syrian Arab Army continues advancing in the heart of areas controlled by the Turkish sponsored al-Qaeda affiliates and managed to liberate the towns of Zakat and Arbain.

Despite the large enforcement and massive weapons, logistical, and intel support Al-Qaeda terrorists received from NATO member state Turkey in the past several months, intensified recently, the determined SAA defeated the anti-Islamic Wahhabi NATO-sponsored terrorists and cleaned Al-Zakat town and Al-Arbaeen village after fierce battles.

The importance of Al-Zakat town is its location on the roads of Ltamenah, Kafr Zita, Al-Hamameyat and Jibeen. All strategic centers in which NATO’s military experience cannot be missed in the tunnels, trenches and fortifications Al-Qaeda terrorists have barricaded themselves in.

The SAA is closing up on the vital M5 artery highway connecting Syria’s major cities all the way from the Jordanian borders in the south to Aleppo in the north through Damascus, Homs, and Hama. It also goes through Morek and Khan Shaykhoun cities where the Syrian Arab Army seems to be having in their hairlines. Securing this road from terrorist attacks will help give a boost to the Syrian economy, save time for and lives of the Syrian people using this major highway.

Nusra Front and Izzat Army along with their other Jihadist affiliates tried fiercely to stop the advancement of the Syrian Arab Army in these towns, they lost a large number of their members eliminated and injured, most of whom are beyond repair. They carried out a very strong counter-attack, retrieved some posts from the SAA, which in turn did the usual by retreating, allowing the terrorists to get in then encircling and wiping out the lured terrorist forces.

A meeting held on Tuesday between commanders of terrorist groups and Turkish officers in the Turkish Sheer Mghar military observation point northwest of Hama which coincided with the arrival of a convoy carrying armored vehicles spotted passing by Sarmada town north of Idlib. Not much leaked from the meeting, except that the commanders were told there are no more ceasefire agreements.

The regime of Turkish Recep Tayeb Erdogan has been using previous ceasefire agreements sponsored by Russia as a means to empower the terrorist groups loyal to the new Ottoman pariah and Caliph wannabe. The latest ceasefire didn’t last more than 7 hours before Nusra Front (aka HTS and Al-Qaeda Levant), the dominating force in Idlib rejected the ceasefire by a televised statement from its commander Jolani.

As per the guarantee given by Erdogan to the Russian and Iranian presidents within the frameworks of Sochi and Nur-Sultan (Astana) agreement: Terrorists loyal to Erdogan must withdraw 20 kilometers from northern Hama countryside and M5 highway and Erdogan must disarm them from heavy and medium weapons he supplied them earlier. That was supposed to be completed last October 2018. During the past 10 months not only the Turkish regime failed to fulfill its obligations, Erdogan instead has increased the support given to these Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in weapons, especially anti-tank US-made missiles, Turkish made missiles with a range more than 40 kilometers the terrorists used to bomb northern Latakia countryside and northern Aleppo countryside in addition to more advanced drones the terrorists used to attack the Russian base at Hmeimim and Hama military airport with.

Nusra Front Commander Jolani Meets Commanders of FSA Moderate Rebels in Idlib with help of Erdogan
Nusra Front Commander Jolani Meets Commanders of FSA Moderate Rebels in Idlib with help of Erdogan

Erdogan also brought in to the southern Idlib battlefields the terrorists loyal to him operating in other areas northern Aleppo. These terrorists were imported by Erdogan in his capacity as the regional leader of the Greater Middle East Project. He recruited terrorists Turkistan, Chinese Uighur, Chechenya, and a number of Arab states under his fake Jihad (holy war) banner with the help of Saudi and Qatari funding using both the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism anti-Islamic British created doctrines.

After the latest achievements by the SAA against them, Nusra Front and its affiliates called for Public Alert, emptied their quarters, removed their flags from known sites, and instructed their field hospitals to be on the maximum capacity to attend the increasing number of casualties among their ranks. They also prohibited any gatherings of terrorists to avoid being wiped out by the Syrian and Russian Air Forces after losing large numbers of them already in such targeting within the past couple of days alone.

The Syrian state has long complained to the deaf United Nations about the Turkish regime’s sponsoring of terrorists and its illegal military operations within Syria. Syrian delegations to Sochi and Astana and Syrian officials have constantly conveyed their distrust in the real intentions of the Turkish regime to their Russian and Iranian counterparts, the two guarantors of the Sochi and Astana agreements. The statement issued by the SAA to resume its military operation to clean the province of Idlib from terrorists seemed to have concluded the mutual understanding among Syria and its allies not to trust the Turkish regime and not to give them any further time to recruit and regroup more terrorists.

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