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Deadly Afrin Explosion: Fratricide or NATO False Flag?

afrin local market tanker explosion

A parked oil tanker remotely detonated near a marketplace in Afrin has resulted in the burning deaths and injuries of dozens of civilians. Afrin — also transliterated as Efrin — is in Syria, which is not in Turkey, though it is currently under Turkish occupation.

During recent weeks, there have been fratricidal fights among various terrorist thugs run by Madman Erdogan. Over the same time frame, the US and Turkey have increased the war criminal dumping of their illegal troops into the SAR (while NATO cohorts France and Britain have focused their attention domestically, working on militarizing their countries under the cover of the COVID-19 pandemic).

Today’s heinous terrorism by immolation attack might also be an Erdogan-created false flag, as Erdoganstan media immediately blamed the atrocity on the essentially defunct YPG (the armed separatist, terrorist, Israelized minority of ethnic Kurds was re-marketed as SDF during the Obama administration), duly noted by NATO stenography media, which remain 100% ignorant of International Law when it comes to Syria’s sovereign rights over Syria.

The video is also available on BitChute.

The same NATO media have remained silent over the ongoing military aggression of the Trump and Erdogan regimes against the Syrian Arab Republic and its citizenry, a double affront given the COVID-19 contagion in these two countries.

While the injured of Afrin were rushed to hospitals, and bodies were gathered from the explosion site, Trump sent another two convoys illegally into Syria, and Erdogan’s criminals again attacked safe villages.

There is no way of knowing if the oil tanker in Afrin was blown up in fratricidal rage or in Goebbels false flag propaganda.

Both options are war crimes against Syria, normalized by criminal media.

Miri Wood

What we do know is that Syrians, the majority of whom are Muslims, are observing the holiest month of Ramadan in the Islamic lunar (Hijri) calendar, and we know that all the parties within NATO and its regional allies have a tremendous amount of hatred against all three divine religions, despite their crocodile tears. Britain, the former mother of most sufferings on the planet, created and sponsored Zionism against Judaism, Wahhabism and Muslim Brotherhood against Islam, followed by the USA which adopted them and created and nourished countless number of Jihadist (fake holy warrior) terrorist groups around the world, not starting with al-Qaeda and not ending with ISIS. NATO is dominantly formed of Christian member states with supposed to be ultra-secular Turkey because of its geographical importance and foolish leaders, mega-churches contribute the most in the anti-Christ policies of the US around the world and especially building the temple of the fake Messiah on stolen land in Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Arabi Souri

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